December 29, 2011

My Book Boyfriend #3: Jace

Boys in books are just better. Right? Well, let's put them to the test. 

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, and it's a weekly meme in which you choose a fictional boy that makes your heart all gooey and write up a post for him. For more information, check out the introduction post. For sign ups and Missie's choice this week click here

Ho ho there is this great Top 10 Week at A life Bound By Books and it's so great! I love lists! So if you want to check it out - the theme today is Top 10  Book Boyfriends in 2011 and I totally love it!! 

I was actually thinking of not posting My Book Boyfriend this week, because of the Top 10, but then I decided that this boy deserves to be my last Book Boyfriend of the year!  Because, lets get it straight, this guy made my year! May your eyes enjoy it girls ;)

Jace from the Mortal Instruments Serie by Cassandra Clare

I love you Jace!! 

Lol. Ok, lets start again. Jace is a Shadowhunter and he fight Demons and bad guys. He is HOT. And sexy. And awesome. And great. I dream about him a lot. He is sarcastic. He has passion. He is a GOD!

But lets go to the amazing part of him that I want to share with you girls!

Clary said nothing to this, because she had nothing to say. Beautiful. He'd called her beautiful. Nobody had ever called her that before, except her mother, which didn't count. Mothers were required to think you were beautiful. She stared at him.

"We should probably go downstairs," he said again. She was sure she was making him uncomfortable with the staring, but she didn't seem to be able to stop.

"All right," she said finally. To her relief, her voice sounded normal. It was a further relief to look away from him as she turned around. The moon, directly overhead now, lit everything nearly to daylight brightness. In between one step and another she saw a white spark struck off something on the floor: It was the knife Jace had been using to cut apples, lying on its side. She jerked hastily back to avoid stepping on it, and her shoulder bumped his—he put a hand out to steady her, just as she turned to apologize, and then she was somehow in the circle of his arm and he was kissing her.

It was at first almost as if he hadn't wanted to kiss her: His mouth was hard on hers, unyielding; then he put both arms around her and pulled her against him. His lips softened. She could feel the rapid beat of his heart, taste the sweetness of apples still on his mouth. She wound her hands into his hair, as she'd wanted to do since the first time she'd seen him. His hair curled around her fingers, silky and fine. Her heart was hammering, and there was a rushing sound in her ears, like beating wings—
City of Bones, page 200

She let him turn her, looked up at him. His eyes were very dark, perhaps because it was so dim down here in the Court, perhaps because od something else. She could see her reflection in each of his dilated pupils, a tiny image of herself inside his eyes. He said, “You can close your eyes and think od England, if you like.”
“I’ve never even been to England,” she said, but she shut her eyelids. She could feel the dank heaviness of her clothes, cold and itchy against her skin, and the cloying sweet air of the cave, colder yet, and the weight of Jace’s hand on her shoulders, the only things that were warm. And then he kissed her.
She felt the rush of his lips, light at first, and her own opened automatically beneath the pressure. Almost against her will she felt herself go fluid and pliant, stretching upward to twine her arms around his neck the way that a sunflower twists towars light. His arms slid around her, his hands knotting in her hair, and the kiss stopped being gentle and became fierce, all in a single moment like tinder flaring into a blaze. Clary heard a sound like a sigh rush the Court, all around them, a wave of noise, but it meant nothing, was lost in the rush of her blood through her veins, the dizzying sense of weightlessness in her body.
Jace hands moved from her hair, slid down her spine; she felt the hard press of his palms against her shoulder blades – and then he pulled away, gently disengaging himself, drawing her hands away from his neck and stepping back. For a moment Clary thought she might fall; she felt as if something essential had been torn away from her, an arm or a leg, and she stared at Jace in blank astonishment – 
City of Ashes, page 240

Ahh Jace <3 
I've been in England when I've read these books. And every time I close my eyes and think of England - I think of you Jace!! 

I know they chose Jamie Campbell Bower for the part of Jace, but honestly? I like this guy Alex Pettyfer waaaaay better!! :)

Which boy is your book boyfriend of the week? :)

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