December 10, 2018

It's the end of an era

After 2 years and counting, I am leaving Brussels.

Like, leaving leaving.

I still have troubles grasping it. I'm waiting for the panic to settle in my lower belly, but so far so good. Nothing has been amiss. I'll admit I spent a lot the past few weeks avoiding stuff. I built these walls around me, and hey!, they worked great for a while. I am also happy that even considering this, I still managed to arrange everything (shipping, docs, house and all.).

It was all painful to let go.

At one point I thought that maybe I might have overreacted. Maybe this is a mistake. But on the other hand, how many more years should I invest in things I don't like doing? Forever? Apparently, this is a to-go motto. But I want to break free of this pattern that is slowly but surely eating me alive.

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