December 16, 2011

Know Me Better #3

This is a lovely meme hosted at I am a Reader, not a Writer. Every week there are 5 questions, so we get to know better the other bloggers :) I love it!!

Red or Green?
Red!! The color of revolution!! Lol just kidding :P I like the red color, period. Although I love the greeny frog frogs :P

Favorite Christmas Carol?
What Christmas Should be :) I love this song! The lyrics are just.. Ohh.

What do you want for Christmas?
Um, I actually haven't thought about it yet. Actually after thinking about it for about 5 minutes I haven't come up with anything. I guess this year I want a surprise :) Ohh I know now!! I want that guy to call me for a coffe :) Yes, definitely YES! Or maybe I'll wish that I will find my Patch next year somewhere around the world!

Favorite Holiday Treat?
Vanilla biscuits of my grandmother! They are amazing!

Favorite Holiday Tradition?
The lunch with my family. We used to have a Christmas lunch together will my two unkles, my two cusins and my two grandmothers. Since forever. But last year, well, we decided, um no sorry, THEY decided that the tradition is over. And so from last year on I have a Christmas lunch with my mum, dad, sister, her boyfriend and my grandmother (the one who makes vanilla cookies!). I hope it will be fun this year! Every year we are so full after lunch that we can't breath haha :D
I've almost forgot.. We need to have something red in our clothing on Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!

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