December 29, 2011

Top 10 Characters in 2011

#1 Rose Hathaway
Vampire Academy
Well lets face it, Rose is Rose. She has passion, courage, devotion, a strong mind, a damn good shadow kissed thing which let her see ghost and most of all a badass hot boyfriend. Yes, definitely Rose! <3

#2 Clary
The Mortal Instruments
Oh Clary. I like this girl so so much! She has courage, and she's an artist! Oh, and she has Jace.

#3 Meghan Chase
Iron Fey
Well, this girl obviously is a badass girl. Half human half fey, 2 gorgeous boys around her, hell she has an Iron fey kingdom for herself. Oh, yeah! 

#4 Sophie
Hex Hall
All her life she thought she was a witch. And then she finds out she is half demon?! That's pretty hard core stuff ;)

#5 Georgina Kincaid
Succubus Blues
A subbucus? Shape-shifter? Way yes! With all that guys around herself lol. 

#6 April
Ten Things We Did
This girl is so so funny. Really. And has a crapy boyfriend. And a hot friend - Hudson. No parents, and a house with her friend Vi. YES for parties!! :)

#7 Aura
No father, no mum. A dead boyfriend. And she still stands on her feet? That's pretty impressive for me :) I like her! 

#8 Tris
Well for this girl I must say hat down. Really. She totally changed her life. Left her family. To become a Dauntless. You must be pretty hardcore for do it. So way yeees for Tris! 

#9 Katy
Lets face it girls, shall we? We would have cracked the first time Daemon would talked to us. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! I would have probably faint, honestly. If he really is that gorgeous, I think I wouldn't have stand my ground with all that sarcasm. Nop. So yeah, she is quite great!

#10 Anna 
Anna and the French Kiss
Huh uh, with St.Clair still with Elly - I was jealous like hell - but Anna had stood by her ground. For almost A YEAR. I couldn't. Seriously, I couldn't.  I would have beat him up, or maybe I don't know. (just kidding about beating him up - he's to sexy for that) But still I don't know if I would have wait all that time. So we must admit that she is good! ;)

So, which is your favourite character in 2011? :)

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