December 06, 2011

Happy December is Here!

It's the 6th of December and.. Saint Nicholas is here :)

I'm currently in Lubiana. I should have head to Maribor, um, like yesterday and I am still here. And I bet I'll be staying here for another couple of days. We shall see. :P
So, the elections are over. We didn't make it. But it's ok. I mean I was hoping we would make it, well it means we will make it in the next 4 years :) This isn't over, it's just the beginning ;) And it was fun :) I had such a great time :)

About Saint Nicholas.. I got a pack of pickles :P Well apparently Saint Nicholas knows I don't eat chocolate so he got me what I wanted :P and I got a red Christmas vests! :) And at my granmother I got a scarf - a beautiful one! Happy happy! :) And then.. there is a gift I am still waiting. I should say, let the destiny help me out ;) We shall see :)
 Yesterday I went in the center of Lubiana with my friend Nina. We went to see the Christmas lights! And it's so so beautiful!! And we've took a cup of hot white wine and it was awesome :) And then there was Saint Nicholas who came to greet the children! Ohh it was so cool :) We saw all the show :) We didn't go to take the present though, but ok :P We could have pretend that we were 14 years old haha. And then we bought white wine and we were making hot wine home later. It was good ;)

So what have you got for Saint Nicholas? :)

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