December 03, 2011

Elections in Slovenia!

Hi hello my friends bloggers! :)

I am candidating for the elections for the Slovenian parliament on this Sunday! 
Haha, no, I'm not kidding. Yeah I'm young but still, I want to make a difference ;)
So. I wanted to share it with you!

Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was awful, but most of all it was fun! I've meet lots of great people. The party in which I am candidating is full of great people. I've spent so much time with them and they were all great. We discussed things, we laughed, we cheered, we protested, we had fun.

It was one of the best experiences ever, so I am really happy I had decided to take this path in this time of my life. It was the best!

So the elections are on Sunday. I hope people will choose to vote for the best. Slovenia needs someone who will lead for the best ;) 

So, good luck to everyone! 
May the best win! ;)
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