January 31, 2012

Love & Leftovers by Sarah Tregay Review

Love & Leftovers
by Sarah Tregay
Published on December 27th 2011
Katherine Tegan Books, 451 pages
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My wish 
is to fall 
cranium over Converse 

in dizzy, daydream-worthy 


When her parents split, Marcie is dragged from Idaho to a family summerhouse in New Hampshire. She leaves behind her friends, a group of freaks and geeks called the Leftovers, including her emo-rocker boyfriend, and her father. 

By the time Labor Day rolls around, Marcie suspects this "vacation" has become permanent. She starts at a new school where a cute boy brings her breakfast and a new romance heats up. But understanding love, especially when you've watched your parents' affections end, is elusive. What does it feel like, really? can you even know it until you've lost it? 

Love and Leftovers is a beautifully written story of one girl’s journey navigating family, friends, and love, and a compelling and sexy read that teens will gobble up whole.

- GoodReads.com description

First, I must say, I totally love the cover!! 

The story begins with Marcie's parents split up, because her Dad is gay and he found himself a boyfriend. Her Mum packs her up and drive them to New Hampshire. First Marcie thinks it's just temporary, but soon she fins out the situation is becoming permanent. 

Her Mum is curled in a bed. She doesn't talk and she doesn't eat much. Marcie is trying to help, but really, what can a teenager girl do, to help her adult Mum, who has depression?

Then Marcie meets this guy, J.D.. He is really cute and he brings her breakfast every day. She really wants to tell him, that she has a boyfriend, but can't bring herself to say it. 

Love & Leftovers is such a nice read. It's different, because it's written in poems. First I thought it was weird, but then I fell in the story and I really loved the way it was written. You can easily understand all the feelings and problems Marcie is going through.

The plot of the story was also good. The topic about parents breaking up and moving to a new town and starting over is always cool to read about. Marcie through the book learns her mistakes and grew as a character.

In overall the book was really good.

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent Review

My Soul To Take
Soul Screamers #1
by Rachel Vincent
Published on August 1st 2009
Harlequin, 279 pages
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She doesn't see dead people. She senses when someone near her is about to die. And when that happens, a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder. Literally. 

Kaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest guy in school. But a normal date is hard to come by when Nash seems to know more about her need to scream than she does. And when classmates start dropping dead for no apparent reason, only Kaylee knows who'll be next.

- GoodReads.com description

So, the story begins with Kaylee and her best friend Emma going out (sneaking in) in a club with Emma's sister help. They both seems to have fun. Then Kaylee goes to the bar to have a drink. And then she hears his voice. Nash. Heart jumping she turns around, and there he is talking to her. The most popular guy in school is talking to her. Amazing. They go dancing together and everything is great. 

Until it hits her. She can't speak. She wants to scream. Laud. 

And here the real story begins. She starts to spend time with Nash and he seems to understand her more than she does. Kaylee thinks she is crazy or going crazy. This episodes start to happen every day. Girls are dying and she can't stop it from happening. She tries to talk to her aunt, but it seems no one believes her. She starts to doubt in her self and her sanity.

And then, there is Nash. Nash believes her. And he decides to tell her everything. About her screams, about her abilities. About what she really is. He stands by her side.

My soul to take is such a compelling read. Once you start it, you won't be able to put it down. Kaylee is a great narrator of the story. And Nash is the very key for understanding the story. The mystery is also good and keeps you guessing till the end. In overall I've really enjoyed this book!

PS. Nash is so hot. But I think Tod is really hot, too.

Soul Screamers Reading Challenge

Well, well. 
I've been hearing about this serie all around the blogosphere a while. And then I stumbled on this amazing Reading Challenge!! I decided I should participate :) It looks so much fun and I will finally get the chance to read this amazing serie!


To READ (or RE-READ) and REVIEW (or POST ABOUT) all five Soul Screamers novels by Rachel Vincent from January 15-June 14, 2012.


1. Sign Up in the original post HERE.

2. Create a participation post (optional) and leave your link BELOW.

3. Stop back each month and leave your links to any reads/reviews in the monthly Soul Screamers Challenge post for that month only.

4. Grab a challenge button! (Not required).

There are also a lot of awesome things you can win! :) Which make the challenge even better! You can check the introduction post here.

But lets stick to the point.. THE BOOKS :)

My Soul to Take

January 15-February 14, 2012

My Soul to Save

February 15-March 14, 2012

My Soul to Keep

March 15-April 14-2012

My Soul to Steal

April 15-May14, 2012

If I Die

May 15-June 14, 2012

SO, it will be so fun!! :)

January 30, 2012

In My Mailbox (10)

"In My Mailbox" is a weekly post hosted at The Story Siren and it's about what new books we got in the mail or we bought or got in the library or whatever this week.

Psi by Eros
Ok, guys this is this awesome Slovenian book! In the past year everyone's been talking about it, but no one actually ever told me what this book is it about. It has been released last year, and I got it in the library this week, finally! I wanted to buy it, but hell, it's 77 euros. It has 777 pages, and there are 7777 copies around Slovenia. Pretty cool. Oh, and the author is unknown. 

And also I wanted to show you new fashion accessory - I got glasses! I've never had glasses before, but with all this reading in the past months, I kind of figure out I should get ones. For reading :)

Aaaaaaaaaaa I am so so super excited about The Alchemy of Forever, Everneath and Fracture!!  I've been so eager to read them since I've heard about them! Finally in my hands! :) About Hourglass and Love & Leftovers I've read on blogs that they are pretty cool, too. And Fallen in Love - well, I so totally love the Fallen series covers! They are so beautiful! The story wasn't so waaaw, but nevermind :P

And to share some love, a pic from my friend's window in Maribor, Slovenia ;)
It's snowing!! :) :)

What did you get in your mailbox this week? :)

January 25, 2012

Top Ten Favourite Fictional Couples in Books

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is freely cloose :) So I've chosen one I've been dying to do since forever! And int topic is Top 10 Favorite Fictional Couples in Books!

Rose + Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
Because, God, we've been fighting 6 books for this! They were meant to be together!

Something about this new realization emboldened me. "No," I informed him. "You haven't.  You put on a good face, and most of the time you do stay in control. But sometimes you can't. And sometimes …" I leaned forward, lowering my voice. "Sometimes you don't want to."  
I could see his labored breathing and knew his heart was beating as quickly as mine. And he wasn't pulling away. I knew this was wrong—knew all the logical reasons for us staying apart.  But right then, I didn't care. I didn't want to control myself. I didn't want to be good.  Before he realized what was happening, I kissed him. 
Our lips met, and when I felt him kiss me back, I knew I was right. He pressed himself closer, trapping me between him and the wall. He kept holding my hand, but his other one snaked behind my head, sliding into my hair. The kiss was filled with so much intensity; it held anger, passion, release…

Clary + Jace (The Mortal Instruments)
She jerked hastily back to avoid stepping on it, and her shoulder bumped his—he put a hand out to steady her, just as she turned to apologize, and then she was somehow in the circle of his arm and he was kissing her.
It was at first almost as if he hadn't wanted to kiss her: His mouth was hard on hers, unyielding; then he put both arms around her and pulled her against him.
His lips softened. She could feel the rapid beat of his heart, taste the sweetness of apples still on his mouth. She wound her hands into his hair, as she'd wanted to do since the first time she'd seen him. His hair curled around her fingers, silky and fine. Her heart was hammering, and there was a rushing sound in her ears, like beating wings—

Katy + Daemon (Obsidian)

I forced a laugh. “I’m totally not attracted to you.”
Another step forward on Daemon’s side, and my back was against the wall. “You’re lying.”
“And you’re overconfident.” I inhaled, but all I smelled was him, and that did funny things to my stomach. “You know, the whole arrogant thing I mentioned. Not attractive.”
Daemon placed his hands on each side of my head and leaned in. A lamp was on one side of me, and the T.V. on the other. I was trapped. And when he spoke, his breath danced over my lips. “Every time you lie, your cheeks turn red.”
“Nuh-uh.” Not the most eloquent thing I’d ever said, but it was the best I could come up with.
His hands slid down the wall, stopping beside my hips. “I bet you think about me all the time. Nonstop.”
“You’re insane.” I pressed back against the wall, breathless.
“You probably even dream about me.” His gaze lowered to my mouth. I felt my lips part. “I bet you even write my name in your notebooks, over and over again, with a little heart drawn around it.”
I laughed. “In your dreams, Daemon. You’re the last person I think—”
Daemon kissed me.

Meghan + Ash (The Iron Fey)
But for now, the only thing I wanted was standing right here, looking at me with an expression so open and unguarded that I thought my heart would burst out of my chest. “Don’t leave,” I whispered, tightening my hold. “Never leave me again. Stay with me. Forever.”
The Winter prince smiled, a small, easy smile, and lowered his lips to mine. “I promise.”

Anna + Etienne (Anna and the French Kiss)
He looks up.

Our eyes lock, and he breaks into a slow smile. My heart beats faster and faster. Almost there. He sets down his book and stands. And then this—the moment he calls my name—is the real moment everything changes.
He is no longer St. Clair, everyone’s pal, everyone’s friend.
He is Étienne. Étienne, like the night we met. He is Étienne; he is my friend.
He is so much more.
Étienne. My feet trip in three syllables. É-ti-enne, É-ti-enne, É-ti-enne. His name coats my tongue like melting chocolate. He is so beautiful, so perfect.
My throat catches as he opens his arms and wraps me in a hug. My heart pounds furiously, and I’m embarrassed, because I know he feels it. We break apart, and I stagger backward. He catches me before I fall down the stairs.
“Whoa,” he says. But I don’t think he means me falling.

Sophie + Archer (Hex Hall)
I shook my head, confused, until what he was saying dawned on me. "What, you think I told Elodie what you said about wanting to spend the ball with me so that she'd dump you and I could have you all to myself?" When he didn't say anything, I gave him a light shove. "Get over yourself," I nearly snarled. I tried to walk past him, but he caught my arm, pulling me up short so that I nearly collided with him.
For a few charged seconds we froze, glaring at each other, breathing hard. I saw his eyes darken just a little, like Jenna's had the day she'd seen my blood. But this was a different kind of hunger; one I felt too.
I didn't let myself think. I just leaned forward and pressed my lips to his.

Abby + Travis (Beautiful Disaster)
“Are we still going bowling tonight?” I asked, wondering if the invitation was just to get some alone time with me that he no longer needed.

“Well, hell yeah! I’m gonna kick your ass, too!”
I narrowed my eyes at him. “Not this time you’re not. I have a new superpower.”
He laughed. “And what’s that? Harsh language?”
I leaned over to kiss his neck once, and then ran my tongue up to his ear, kissing his earlobe. He froze in place.
“Distraction,” I breathed into his ear.
He grabbed my arms and flipped me onto my back. “You’re going to miss another class.”

Aura + Zachary (Shade)
"No, it's pure confident. It's not 'I want' or 'I need,' none of that crap." He slipped his hand over mine. "It's 'I will.'"
A nervous laugh bubbled up. "You will, huh?" His fingers brushed my cheek, then slid into my hair. "I will."
Somehow, in the darkness, his lips found mine.
I should've been ready. We'd been dancing around each other for months, and we were, after all, in a situation of forced snuggling.
But my inexplicable surprise kinda made me blow into his mouth.
"Oh my God." I turned my face away in embarrassment. "I can't believe I just did that."
He laughed. "American girls are so kinky. And overrated."
"Hey." I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him back to kiss me.
This time it worked. Holy Father with a flamethrower, did it ever work. We fit together like we'd been kissing for years in some parallel universe that had suddenly intersected with the one we were living in now.

Tris + Four (Divergent)
For a second his dark eyes are on mine, and he’s quiet. Then he touches my face and leans in close, brushing my lips with his. The river roars and I feel its spray on my ankles. He grins and presses his mouth to mine.
I tense up at first, unsure of myself, so when he pulls away, I’m sure I did something wrong, or badly. But he takes my face in his hands, his fingers strong against my skin, and kisses me again, firmer this time, more certain. I wrap an arm around him, sliding my hand up his neck and into his short hair.

Alex + Aiden (Half-blood)
“Stop this!” He captured my wrists easily. Actually, it was embarrassing how quickly he subdued me. This time he pinned me to the mat. “Stop this, Alex,” he said again, much lower.
I threw my head back, ready to plant my foot somewhere when our eyes met. I did stop then, with his face inches from mine. The atmosphere changed as one of the wild emotions swirling through me managed to break free and rear its head.
His lean torso and legs pressed against mine in a way that made me think of other things—stuff that wasn’t fighting or killing, but did involve sweating, lots of sweating. Breathing became difficult as we continued to stare at one another. His dark waves had fallen forward into his eyes. He wasn’t moving, and I couldn’t even if I’d wanted to. I didn’t. Oh, gods, I didn’t want to move ever. I saw the moment he recognized the change in me. Something shifted in those eyes of his and his lips parted. This was just a harmless, stupid crush. Even as I lifted my head, bringing my lips mere inches from his, I kept telling myself that. I didn’t want him. Not this badly—not more than anything I’d ever wanted in life.
I kissed him.
At first, it wasn’t much of a kiss. My lips just brushed his, and when he didn’t move away, I pushed harder. Aiden seemed too stunned to do much of anything for a few seconds. But then he released my wrists and his hands slid up my arms.
The kiss deepened, full of passion and anger. There was also frustration, so much frustration. Then Aiden pressed down, and I wasn’t the one doing the kissing. His lips moved against mine, his fingers pressing into my skin. After only a few seconds he broke off the kiss and sprung away from me.

OH, that was so so good! :) I totally love all these couples! The all make my day-dreaming so much better! :P

So, which book couples are your favourite? :)

January 23, 2012

In My Mailbox (9)

"In My Mailbox" is a weekly post hosted at the The Story Siren and it's about what new books we got in the mail or we bought or got in the library or whatever this week.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

Well, obviously the first two have been everywhere around the blogosphere the last month, so it was about time when I would pick them up! About Shattered Souls, I've read the amazing review by Mimi, and I decided I needed to read this book, for sure!

What did you get in your mailbox this week? :)

January 21, 2012

The feminists ruined the women's world, or the reason why I hate interpersonal relations today

So, I've been thinking.. We have this awesome subject at the University called Social and Cultural Anthropology, and we have an even more awesome teacher! Her name is V.V.Godina. She is like God! No kidding.

So I've been thinking to write a post about my point of view about some things. I've been in the library today and everytime I go to the section of Psychology and look at the shelf of books about personality and interpersonal relationships I always get caught by all these books about »how to get the perfect man« »How to become happy in 10 steps« bla bla and stuff like that. For you out there, that these books actually helped you, well, that's fantastic! But for me, as an almost psychologist, is always funny to read all these things these books say, because they have no science proof.

Today was one of those days, I've picked up a book »Why men prefer bitches« - Well, I guess you can see from the title why this book caught my attention. I've read some of the things inside. In the beginning I was laughing. Then I got mad. Like, really mad. Holy shit, do women around the world really believe this shit? That's gross. Honestly. I was so offended. And pissed off.

So here is this fascinating theory (that will change your life forever):

1.object of care

AUTHOROTY (by father)
2.object of care
Other female relatives
Other female relatives

PUNISHMENT (by father)
3.object of care
All other females
All other females



The theory says, that If we could choose with whom we would like to be, we would always choose our mother (yes, even the girls). Because our mum is the definition of the unconditional love. And we are all searching around the world for the unconditional love. But with the theory of incest, our mothers are forbidden. And also the evolution would never go far, if we would all keep having sex with our mother. The point is, that the mother is the first object of care. Without her, when we are babies, we would die. But okay, so we cannot have our mother. We stop wanting our mother because of the authority of our fathers. The second object of care are all the female relatives. But also they are forbidden. We stop wanting them out of punishment from our parents. And then there is the third object of care and these are all the other women. So, boys stop here. But girls don't. And here is the catch. It is obvious that our dear men has nothing to do with our beloved mother. Obviously. Physically they are VERY different. And also if girls would stop at the same stage as boys, there would be no reproduction, and we would all be dead in one or two generations. So here is now the biggest question:

What can men give us so we would choose them to have sex with?

Because according to the picture above, men are the last thing we would (if we could chose otherwise) chose. And also we need to repress our primary matrix – which is a woman – so we must desexualise ourselves and choose men.

So, again, what can a man give me, so that instead of a woman, I will have sex with a man?

Mana (mana is strictly individual! When someone has a mana, it is usually connected to our unconsciousness. Our unconsciousness recognize the mana and that's why we are attracted to it. According to Godina, mana is something that our unconsciousness remembers from our mothers when we were babies – a care or something).
Identification (when you cannot posses someone anymore (like our mothers when we ere a baby) and the love we felt for her changes. So if we cannot have her, we will identified with her. For boys the identification goes with fathers – complex of Oedipus – Mr. Freud).

Social-economic-political-religious POWER

And this last one is the more, more interesting one.


Because 50, 100 years ago men could give us that. They could. Today they CANNOT.
And here is, where feminists come in.  They wanted for women to have POWER. To be equal with men. But we know that love can never function between equals.

Here comes another theory:

Mother (SUPERIOR She LOVES us.)
Child (SUBORDINATEHe/She feels LOVED.)

And now there is this thing. Which one will go to the place of superior instead of Mother? The girl or the boy? Which one will be the one to love and which one will be the one to feel loved? Because everyone wants to FEEL LOVED! So, which one?

The girl.

Partly because of our education, which teach us to always care for others, to be nice, to not get angry, to respect and bla bla bla. Partly because of the fact, that we will be mothers one day, so biologically we have this instinct of the unconditional love within us. And then the big part, a man will NEVER choose to be superior. NEVER. And we cannot be both in the spot of being loved. It's impossible. One loves, the other feels loved. So the girl become superior, and so she loves.

Now, with the feminists – what they actually did was, YES, we gained POWER, but we lost our VALUE. And that's the saddest thing. We became equal with men, we can (must) go to work, we can do politics, we can decided for our own and everything. I am not saying I want to be the woman in the kitchen and look after kids and have no word at all, NO, I'm not saying that. BUT we did lost our VALUE. That's why relationships these days are so poor and they don't last like they did 50 years ago.

And with all the POWER and equality in everything with men, WE LOST THE POSSIBILITY OF EVER BEING LOVED.

50 years ago man could have gave us social status, and in this situation we were subordinate, and WE FELT LOVED. Today no man can give you social status, because you can get it on your own. There is nothing left for man to give us, and so there is NO WAY ANYMORE for us to be subordinate.

Sad, isn't it?

And then I pick up a book with the title »Why men love bitches« and inside there are rules described by how a woman must act and be, so a man will fall in love with her? Like, she can't get drunk, she must be patient, not to torture him what is he doing every 2 hours and stupid stuff like that. I mean, seriously? Are you freaking kidding me?

I really miss my VALUE.

And another thing. If men are really that perfect and everything, well, then I'll say, go to hell and try to have children on your OWN, if you are so damn perfect and you think all the women of the planet will go on their knees for you to notice, because you're that damn perfect!!

And there is another thing I must say. I didn't put much attention to it before I've heard it myself, but it's true. So, GIRL, hear me up:


So, tell me, what do YOU think about it?

January 19, 2012

My Book Boyfriend #4: Ralston

Boys in books are just better. Right? Well, let's put them to the test. 

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, and it's a weekly meme in which you choose a fictional boy that makes your heart all gooey and write up a post for him. For more information, check out the introduction post. For sign ups and Missie's choice this week click here

Gabriel Ralston 
Well well, this is the guy I've spent 2 weeks dreaming about. Literally. This guy is amazing. The book's name is Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake and it's a historical romance. Well, I am really not in historical books, but good God this book showed me, what I was missing all this time. Because the romance was absolutely amazing! This guy has it all. ALL. 

From the title you can see that he is a total rake. He is arrogant, a man with a title, good looking, eyes so blue that you can get lost in them very easily, he is hot, and he has lots of experiences ;) 

Of course he's not perfect, he has mummy issues, which left him very aganist love as it self. So, he doesn't want to feel love, be in love, doing anything with love, period. Because love brings only pain and dissapointment. Like I said, mummy issues.

But let me show you girls, why this guy is so so damn hot!

His lips curved at her ear as he spoke, his harsh breathing making the words more a caress than a sound, “Kisses should not leave you satisfied.”
He returned his lips to hers, claiming her mouth again, robbing her of all thought with a rich, heady caress. All she wanted was to be closer to him, to be held more firmly. And, as though he could read her thoughts, he gathered her closer, deepening the kiss. His heat consumed her; his soft, teasing lips seemed to know all of her secrets.

When he lifted his mouth from hers, she had lost all strength. His next words pierced through her sensual haze.
“They should leave you wanting.”
page 54

“Attraction is not love.”
“I do not believe that what is between them is simple attraction.”
The words faded into silence, and he watched her intently for a long moment before leaning in, stopping mere inches from her. “There is nothing simple about attraction.”
“Nevertheless—” She stopped, unable to remember what it was she was trying to say. He was so close.
“Shall I show you how complicated attraction can be?” The words were deep and velvety, the sound of temptation. His lips were nearly on hers, she could feel their movement as he spoke, barely brushing against her.
page 100

Her eyes widened in shock. “I, a risk?” she replied, her voice was shaking with fury. “Oh, I shall see your sister, my lord. I won’t see her chances ruined. And, furthermore”—she held a single finger up to his nose—“I will not be told what to do by a notorious—and now proven—rake and libertine.”
He lost his temper then, capturing her hand, wagging finger and all, in his own and using it to pull her flush against him. “If I am to be labeled as such, I may as well stop resisting the part.” And, with that, he kissed her.
page 133

So yeah, my girls, this guy will turn you on ;) 
So, how do you like my new obsession? :) 

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