December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, well all my friends bloggers I wish you..
So.. tomorrow me and my family will have a big fat lunch together to celebrate Christmas!! I can already tell you that the food will be amazing! Can't wait for it :)

Last 24th of December I finally got my hold on Last Sacrifice - which I was waiting since September last year. So you can probably imagine my excitement about having the book in my hands!! This year it was quite the same, almost ;) I've got a hold on Bloodlines!! FINALLY! I've been waiting for this book since, well, since last December lol. My excitement wasn't so huge as it was for Last Sacrifice - but still it was quite big! So I started it. And I am more than half through it!! I must admit it, that I like it a lot! When I've "seen" Rose in the first few chapters my heart literally stopped beating and then raced like wooow. God how much I missed Rose!! I still do though. 

"The name came out as a question from my lips, even though there could be no doubt about who this newcomer was. There was only one Rose Hathaway, after all."

It was a pretty awesome day!

So I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas day! With lots of good food, happy music around, and surrounded with great people you love!

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