December 22, 2011

My Book Boyfriend #2: Daemon

Boys in books are just better. Right? Well, let's put them to the test. 

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, and it's a weekly meme in which you choose a fictional boy that makes your heart all gooey and write up a post for him. For more information, check out the introduction post. For sign ups and Missie's choice this week click here

Daemon from Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

He is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. Jerk. Ass. He doesn't get along with Katy. At all. Figured haha :P He IS amazing! I totally love his attitude. TOTALLY. I guess I am into total jerks.. but you know what? I really don't care - because - they are so freaking HOT! lol :P He has dark hair and green eyes that sparkle till the universe, if you ask me. Ahh. Hot boy.

Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys. 

But lets stick to the point, what made me fall for this guy?

Heavy footsteps came from the other side, and then the door was swinging open and I was staring at a very broad, tan, well-muscled chest. A naked chest. My gaze dropped and my breath sort of…stalled. Jeans hung low on his hips, revealing a thin line of dark hair that formed below his navel and disappeared under the band of the jeans. His stomach was ripped. Perfect. Totally touchable. Not the kind of stomach I expected on a seventeen-year-old boy, which is how old I suspected he was, but yeah, I wasn’t complaining. I also wasn’t talking. And I was staring. My gaze finally traveling north again, I noted thick, sooty lashes fanning the tips of his high cheeks and hiding the color of his eyes as he looked down at me. I needed to know what color his eyes were.
“Can I help you?” Full, kissable lips turned down in annoyance.
His voice was deep and firm. The kind of voice accustomed to people listening and obeying without question. His lashes lifted, revealing eyes so green and brilliant they couldn’t be real. They were an intense emerald color that stood out in vibrant contrast against his tan skin.
Obsidian, page 9

I could’ve woken him up but for some reason I didn’t. The thrill of him touching me was far stronger than anything else.
His hand was on the edge of the borrowed shirt, his long fingers on the strip of exposed flesh between the hem of the shirt and the band of the worn pajama bottoms. And his hand inched up under the shirt, across my stomach, where it dipped slightly. My pulse went into cardiac territory. The tips of his fingers brushed my ribs. His body moved, his knee pressed against me. I gasped.
Obsidian, page 197

“Arrogant. Controlling.” I took another step back, but he was still in my personal space and then some. “And you’re…you’re a jerk.”
“Oh, I’m sure you can do better than that, Kitten.” His voice was low as he inched me backward. I barely heard him over the pounding rain and the thundering of my heart. “Because I seriously doubt you’re not attracted to me.”
I forced a laugh. “I’m totally not attracted to you.”
Another step forward on Daemon’s side, and my back was against the wall. “You’re lying.”
“And you’re overconfident.” I inhaled, but all I smelled was him, and that did funny things to my stomach. “You know, the whole arrogant thing I mentioned. Not attractive.”
Daemon placed his hands on each side of my head and leaned in. A lamp was on one side of me, and the T.V. on the other. I was trapped. And when he spoke, his breath danced over my lips. “Every time you lie, your cheeks turn red.”
“Nuh-uh.” Not the most eloquent thing I’d ever said, but it was the best I could come up with.
His hands slid down the wall, stopping beside my hips. “I bet you think about me all the time. Nonstop.”
“You’re insane.” I pressed back against the wall, breathless.
“You probably even dream about me.” His gaze lowered to my mouth. I felt my lips part. “I bet you even write my name in your notebooks, over and over again, with a little heart drawn around it.”
I laughed. “In your dreams, Daemon. You’re the last person I think—”
Daemon kissed me.
Obsidian, page 211

And here is the question. WHY is so fucking hard to get a guy like that?! I mean there are jerks everywhere, but seriously I wouldn't mind a jerk like THAT. GOD!! Ok, he is not romantic or anything, but honestly I am really not into romantic stuff in these days in my life. I want a sarcastic guy exactly like that and I want a story like that (ok, without the alien part) :P

Um, I couldn't find out which guy would be perfect for Daemon, so I just picked the cover with his beautiful face printed on it ;)

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