June 06, 2012

Top Ten Dynamic Duos

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic freeby. So I picked up this:  
Top 10 Dynamic Duos

1. Rose and Dimitri, Vampire Academy
I just LOVE these two!! They understand each other perfectly. One glance and they know. Amazing.

2. Sophie and Archer, Hex Hall
These two are also so awesome. They are just perfect together! If it's a fight or love for each other <3

3. Jem and Will, Clockwork Angel
I so love these two! They are like brothers <3 And it has saddened me, that there is a love triangle in the second book and I needed to pick one side. Sorry Jem :P I wish their relationship will continue, no matter Tessa. 

4. Anna and Etienne, Anna and the French Kiss
Ok, let's admit it, even as just friends - they were amazing. I wish I had a friend like Etienne!! They were just so comfortable with each other :) It was so sweet <3

5. Katniss and Gale, The Hunger Games
These two were woow. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am team Peeta all the way, but I really liked the relationship Katniss and Gale shared before all the chaos broke loose. They were so effective together and they protected each other :)

6. Clary and Simon, City of Bones
Apart from the romance (Team Jace <3 all the waaaay), these two are awesome. While reading you can actually feel all the adventures they faced together their whole life and the deep connection they share.

7. Harper and Laney, Saving June
Aww, these two!! OMG, this is what you call best friends. They fit together perfectly. Like a puzzle. And I loved it!

8. Alice and Jasper Cullen, Twilight
A girl who can see the future and a guy who can sense emotions together? Perfection! And they are both so cute.

9. Abby and America, Beautiful Disaster
These two, too, are the best best friends ever. All that they are willing to sacrifice for each other. And one look and they both understand the situation perfectly well. Love it!

10. Dee and Daemon, Obsidian
Brother and sister. Yeah, they have some small fights, but I really like them together. They share a really deep bond and the love each other so much. 

And because this is mine Top [..] Tuesday, I decided to post something I've learned a lot from when I was little (it's not a duo, tough :P). I am proud to say, I am a Sailor Moon generation! This cartoon had taught me to understand that in life I need to be good and to do good. To protect those who cannot protect themselfs. That evil exist, but we can defeat it. That friendship is one of the most important things that exist. And that we always need to hope because the the greater good will always win! Thank you Bunny*

What's your Top 10 this week? :) Leave me your link in the comments so I can check it out! :)

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