September 23, 2011


OMG! This is something you shoud totally see!! I fell in love with it <3

I would sell my soul for this. To Hell. Literally.

Cambridge is.. WAW! It's amazingly beautiful. The center of the city is so lovely. It has two main streets. It's quite small, but seriously beautiful. Every building is an arhitecture per se. AMAZING. And then on the West side of the center are the Universities. And they are awfully amazing. They are HUGE. Like really really huge. And old. And so many of them. I prefered the most St. John's College (the one in the picture above). 

And then there is King's College which is OMG huge and old and amazing and terrifying. All others are very similar just not that huge. Ahh when you see the University of Cambridge you understand what prof. Godina meant when she said why the brains of the students when they finish their study are valued 200.000 pounds a year. Yeah. 

I would seriously sell my soul for the chance to study there. The facultity buildings and the dormitories are like they were made out of a fairytale. When I first saw the inside of St. John's College I said "This isn't possible. No fucking way. THIS isn't possible." Because it's really amazing. It's not like in Maribor or Lubljana .. they in front of THAT are practically nothing. Seriously. I think is really an honor to study there. And the people are so nice. The city is quite quiet. I mean there are pubs and stuff but it's nothing like London. And that's maybe why I've found it even more attractive. No noise. A lot of nature. Young people. Paradise. Ahh I wish..

And then there is the river. What a magic the river can make. You cannot imagine. The bridges OMG waaaw. The river is spread between the center and the Universities. Every bridge is different. Every next one is prettier than the previous one. Amazing. And you can take the tour with the gondola on the river and see all the bridges and Univesities from the river. I said the next time I'll go to Cambridge I'll go to take that tour ;)

And then you have various museums around the city. I like this one a lot. The architecture is beautiful.

And this famous clock. The insect is walking - every step is one second. And the blue light  shows the seconds, minutes and hours. Pretty cool. 

I loved it. Every single minute of it. 

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