June 06, 2012

Armchair BEA Let's talk networking.. or try to :)

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Networking, how so? :P
Well, actually, I am thinking about it and I came up with nothing. Which is pretty boring. I mean, I live in Slovenia where there is no book club, rare book bloggers and full of people how doesn't read at all. And if they do read.. when I talk about books they don't even know waht I am talking about, because the book will be probably avaliable in my country in the span of 2 years - translation and stuff takes time. For example The Hunger Games came out here in Slovenia earlier this year I think. Yeah, my country rocks! Um, well, actually it does, but just not from this point of view.

So, yeah, I haven't been on any signing ever. I haven't met any book blogger in person, yet. I am a little, um, without "real" life experieces.

BUT. I know for certain that a lot of Slovenian people check my blog regulary - they told me so :P They are very supportive <3 :) And I see from time to time, that people actually ask me about some books that they saw on my blog, and then I get this amazing feeling that I am doing something incredible. And I love it!! :) :) I've actually inspired some people to start reading! + then I have someone in real life to discuss the book with!! It's awesome! :P ;)

Plus, most of the time I discuss books with my Mom. We aren't reading the same books, currently, but when she tells me to read a book or a serie, I usually do. And I always like it! And then we discuss about it and it's awesome :) We don't argue at all, while discussing books, lol.

And also me and Mimi have this trip planned - to go on a Eurotrip - in two years!! I really hope we will make it somehow :)

And I've participate twice now, to the Dewey's 24-hours-read-a-thon and I think these were one of the best experiences in my life!! People around the world together but somehow apart and reading for 24 hours. A big twitter party. And awesome tasks to fulfill in the end of every hour! :) :) Can't wait for the next one in October 2012! People at this even are always amazing and incredible and funny and great! :) ;)

And there is another thing, I kind of figured that since I am reading that much, I also pay more attention to people around me in bars or busses and if and what they are reading. Lots of times I start to chat with them about books and it's a good feeling :)

And most of all, I love this #ArmchairBEA event!! It's amazing <3 I've been checking blogs and twitter till 4AM in the morning. I went to sleep for 3 hours and damn, I got the converter time wrong and I woke up just as the BEA Twitter Party finished. God, I was so pissed off. 3 hours of sleep and I missed the party?! Duh. Thank god, for the second one, I am more prepared. It's today at 7PM my time. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Dear Readers, I hope you're enjoying #ArmchairBEA and that you're having an awesome it! :) ;) See you later on the Twitter Party!!

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