June 10, 2012

Jaw Dropping News about #DaemonInvasion

My lovely followers, these are some news. OMG. As a leader of the Elite Street Team No Shirt I ought to share this. Who am I kidding? Even if I wasn’t the leader or a team member or whatever I would have shared this.
Because when I saw it, my jaw has literally hit the floor. My mouth became all dry and my heartbeat was accelerating and my breath intake was so sudden that when the air had hit my brain cells, all my mental functions went off. And I was staring with my mouth open for a few seconds.

Are you ready? 

And now tell me, all those things didn’t happen to you when you saw this pic? Don’t even bother :P I won’t believe you if you tell me they didn’t :P lol

Awww, this guy really is a perfect Daemon. And this scene, I have a great feeling, will be exactly like the scene in the book. OMG I can’t wait!

But this isn’t all!! There are also other pics from the event and pic from the trailers making!! ;) Enjoy the view ;)
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Amazing, aren’t they? <3
These are the filming scenes on the porch, on the lake, and OMG the socks!! Love this!! :)

And aww this one is so cute <3 <3 Daemon carrying Kat through the woods!! So sweet <3
Ok, this is all for now. I can officially state that I could stare at these two for days. They are incredibly cute and amazing and beautiful and perfect<3 And god, I wish I was there!! But then again, Hungary is my neighbor country, so I could always go there and find them! :D Fans do creepy stuff all the time, right? :P

And here is an awesome video you ought to see :) Pepe and Sztella saying hi <3

Pics found on: Jennifer's Twitter, Jennifer's Facebook, and #DaemonInvasion Twitter.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the candies for your eyes!! I know I did! A LOT.

Stay tuned ;)
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