June 08, 2012

Armchair BEA Ask The Experts and Share some Tips

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So, some tips for bloggers, that I've learned during my time blogging. :)

Meme - memes are awesome way of interacting with other bloggers :) And they are fun! And on every meme on every blog there is something you can say about it - so it's easier to comment! Like Top10 Tuesday, every week a different topic and it's easy to interact :) Also, I love the My Book Boyfriend meme, because therefor I always know about sexy, awesome, amazing guys in the literature out there! And my TBR pile is a hell lot bigger since I've discovered this amazing meme! Waiting on Wednesday is also awesome so we can gush together for book we would kill for :P

Comment, comment, comment :) I comment a lot, especially on memes. And usually some do come to comment back. I'll be honest - not all of them come back - but 1/3 does. And I do check upon them also the next and next week on the same meme. They normally come back to you, too :)

Twitter - twitter is an amazing way of interacting with other bloggers :) And it's awesome because it can happen in an istant, you don't need to wait or search for the answer to your question - because they respond to you directly :) And the chit chat about books on twitter is super funny :) I really like it! And twitter is also very handy for sharing/promoting your posts :) And of course, for checking other posts of other bloggers, too! :)

Be yourself and stay true to yourself. This sounds so cheesy - but really it's not. I remember reading other blogs about how to improve your blog and gain more followers and how you need to be, how your blog name should be simple and original for people to remember and the style of writing and I don't know what else. I think it's bullshit. I mean, maybe it has worked for them, but for me it's definitely not working - I don't want to turn my blog in a product of capitalism, just because of the sake of it. I want my blog to be true to me, and me true to him. Because this is why I blog - and actually people told me that my blog is exactly like me - the colours, the way of posting, the fullness of my sidebar lol. I don't want to change myself and therefor I won't ever want to change my blog, so that it will be more something. 

Post about what you like. It's always easy to talk about things you feel really strong about :) About what you like :) And it will feel truer ;) 

Don't be afraid of negative reviews. If you didn't like the book, it's ok. I mean, statistically looking - SO MANY books that we read - there must be a 5% or 10 % that we don't like. It's statistic. It's the Gaussian curve ;) So really, don't be afraid. Be fair and be honest with the review, and write down why didn't you like it. My negative reviews are actually a bit longer than the positive ones :P 

Don't give up on your blog. You know, there are days when you feel like that noone read what you actually write or comment and stuff like that.. And it turns you down a bit. On those days, always remember, that in the end of the day, you are writing for you! You want to share knowledge, hopes, experiences and you want to do this, because somehow, you feel better, if you share with others :) It's your hobbie, and you love it, no matter what!

Hmm.. questions. So, experts :D
How does it happen to have your review cit. in a published book? You know, where there are always comments about the book and underneath there is your blog name :) Once in a lifetime, I want this to happen to me :P I think I would die :D haha. No, but really, how does it happen? Is there a site where you post it? Net galley? Your blog? I'm really curious! And also, how you get to participate in book blog tours? I haven't figured it out yet :P

Thank you, to all of you, for this amazing #ArmchairBEA week!! It was one of the best weeks ever! And it's also one of the best blogger experiences I've had till now. You guys rock! And I will participate next year for sure!! And last night Twitter party was absolutely amazing!! I had an awesome in incredible time with all of you!

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