June 17, 2012

The importance of Post-it notes in my life

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Post-it sticky notes are really important in my life. How so you’ll ask. Well, I love to remember dates. As in a date of an awesome party, a date of my first kiss, a date of some random beautiful thing that happened to me. And I also love Post-its for all the amazing quotes I find every once in a while and I want to conserve it in a special place.

I don’t even remember how this idea started. Um, not really. I remember I was at home on my computer and I’ve put a note on the wall. Sometime later I’ve put another one. Then after I dunno how much time I’ve put something else on the wall. And so on and so on – and my wall was colorful and full of my favourite moments and beautiful things.

When I started University, of course, I needed to move. And I’ve taken my Post-it notes with me. And in the student campus, I’ve made my wall again. Everyday my Post-it little space became bigger. And I loved it!

When I went to my Erasmus I did the same. It was like I’ve been taking my favourite moments in life all the way with me, wherever I went. I think people didn’t understand why I needed my wall, but I did. So much.

When I came back from my Erasmus and I came back to Maribor, I didn’t put my Post-its on the wall in my new student campus. There wasn’t enough room, I think. But after a year, before I left my wall was once again full of Post-its. 

And this year in my yet another room in the student campus, I made my wall again. And I love it. The room feels more like mine when I do so. Because sometimes, you need something to reminds you of important life lessons that you’ve learned on the way.


And also. I’ve read this article on the internet – How to write an effective ad on a Post-it note and I’ve learned some things. I’ve started studying through Post-it notes. I’ve put the knowledge of a whole book onto Post-its. I’ve put them on the window up to my desk, so I can always see them, even if I don’t read them. Something to do with unconscious learning. Don’t know if it really works, but a girl can dream, right?
I really hope that I will pass my exam on Monday, or that I’ve already passed my written one. This so totally sucks. I can’t wait for it to be over.

Anyway, it was nice to share my, um, way of living with you!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend ;)
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