June 19, 2012

I passed my last exam aka Anthropology NO MORE

Oh. This was tough. Really tough.


Yesterday I made the decision of never going to do this exam again. God, I was so sick. Really sick. And while throwing up in the toilet, I decided that, if there are some supernatural or spiritual things in this world, I needed to pass this exam. Because seriously, haven’t I had enough of stress, sickness, and worry? It felt enough for me.

So, at 6pm I went there. There was a HUGE crowd of people waiting as well. OH. And the atmosphere was choking me. Literally. God, I was so nervous. And then.. the professor arrived. And she started calling names – with the tests in her hands. My name was one of the first she called. And I was like “MEE!” And everyone stared lol. I was quite loud. I got my test and went out of the crowd. I didn’t dare look at it. I was so scared, and I was like GOD PLEASE.
And then..

And then I feel on the floor and I started crying. HARD.

And I couldn’t stop.


OMG, I couldn’t believe it. Well, after 15 hours – I still can’t. OMG, I PASSED. I did it. NO oral. NO more stress. NO more crying. NO more feeling sick. NO more studying the same thing over and over again. OMG. I did it.

I went inside her cabinet first when she finished calling names. And I was shaking. And still crying. And she was like “Yes?” And I was like giving her my test and my Index with shaking hands and I said: “I passed". She checked everything and ah my grade was written in my Index. I got 9. OMG freaking 9 out of 10. I was shocked. I freaking rock :D


And then I went out of the University. Actually, I was running and when I crossed the entrance I started screaming “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I PASSED!” Everyone was staring lol and I SO didn’t care.

My parents were so happy. My sister was ecstatic. My friends were so so proud and happy. And I was well, still crying lol. I was so so happy. And my last exam is over. I just have my degree to write down and it’s over. It’s so fucking OVER. Ah. Bittersweet feeling. But really, there are no words in the world to describe how relived and happy and proud I am. Best feeling ever.
And then we went partying :D :D

nea nardila godino
Bo┼żo, me, and his friend.

The beer felt amazing. And my best friend is the best friend ever. It was amazing. I was in some kind of trance, I still couldn’t believe I really passed.
Ah. I’m happy.
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