September 24, 2012

French Kiss by Sarra Manning Review

French Kiss 
Diary of a Crush #1
by Sarra Manning
Published on June 8th 2006
Speak, 224 pages

When Edie and Dylan first see each other in photography class, an instant attraction draws them together. But true love never does run smoothly—the two spar as much as they can’t keep their hands off each other. Then comes the college trip to Paris: Edie’s willpower will be tested to the limit! In between furious arguments and trips to the Louvre, the two share some passionate moments—but will it last?

- description

French Kiss is the first book in the serie Diary of a Crush. It starts with Edie moving to Manchester and everything is new and she feels very shy about everything. And the she sees him. Her whole world changes. She fall in love with Dylan.

Edie. Edie was a sweet and funny character. She is really cool. And she loves to shop - so if you're a shopaholic you'll love this book ;) She is also a nice girl who gets thrown in the middle of the drama between her new friends Dylan, Shona, Mia and Paul. Here we don't have a love triangle, but a Pentagon haha :D

Dylan. Well, he is the kind of guy you had in high school that every girl fell for. Edie was no exception. But he doesn't treat her good. He's actually very moody and weird. He's sweet, but has many fellers. 

The story was somehow good. Though, I didn't agree with many actions Edie did, and when she finally spoke for herself I was really proud - but everyone said she was too harsh. WHAT? I thought she was completely awesome, finally. 

The writing was very good! I loved it that it was written in Diary style. I really liked it. Also the kissing scenes were witten very good ;) ;) It was an enjoyable read and Edie pretty much rocks! So, if you're searching for a Young Adult Contemporary book with a 16-year old female character who faces her first big crush and struggle to survive college with her new friends and loves to shop - French Kiss is the perfect book for you! ;)

We were both speaking English but we weren't taking the same language. He was telling me all the reasons why we should't be together and I just wanted him to kiss me.

Y'know how sometimes, you end up doing things that aren't actually a good idea, just cause you can't think of a reason not to do them?

You know that split second when you wake up and you feel alright, and then you suddenly remember all the bad stuff that happened the night before? That's what happened to me the next morning.

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