May 04, 2012

Some blabling

Hello there! Long time not seen :P 

So, no, I am not dead. I was just having a lot of fun while I was at home for a week :) This is our Spring Break. And it was so good! The food was amazing. The party was incredible. And my Kitty Muri is still my adorable Kitty. Did you know Katy Perry has a kitty named Kitty Purry? Amazing :D

So, I was home after 6 weeks. It felt good. I drank lots of coffees with my friends. I read some books. I feel better now. Well, actually.. Just returned to Maribor and I am already stressing about everything. Ah. Incorrigible. Yeah, big time. I am dealing. 

I paid for my IELTS exam today. HA! Well, it has cost me a lot. So, I really need to pass this one. I feel nervous about it. But then I say to myself "hell, it's a fucking English exam! I've been reading English books since July last year, and I write my blog in English and damn it, I lived in London for three months for crying out laud." I should pass it. Hell, no passing isn't even an option. After all the money I paid today. No, no options there. 

My sister is getting married in July. And so we had a picnic on Tuesday where we meet my sister's fiance family. It was nice. Surprisingly really nice. We ate a lot, we chated a lot. It was fun. Then I went to another picnic with my friends. I haven't eaten that much there, but Havana was gooooood ;) Then we went out partying and it was incredibly fun! A bit crazy, too :D

I know this post doesn't make any sense, but still, I will also point out another thing. Mimi. Mimi, you're such an amazing person, I feel I really need to point this out. Here, now. I completely adore you!! I do. You're funny, hilarious, great, amazing and yes I am seeing you blush right now and it makes me adore you even more!! ;) <3 With your words you really make sound about everything amazingly. I love to read anything you write. You're perfect. ;)

Ok, now I'm gonna stop. You're still reading this? hehe. Another thing. Blabling isn't really a word. I invented it :P It comes from bla bla -ing :D hahaha :D

Well, I hope you had some hilarious time reading this post. ;) 
Have fun!

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