May 16, 2012

Letter to my Future Self #2

Ok, yesterday I went to a party. Biggest party ever of the year in Maribor. It was like a BIG picnic - huge picnic. And it was fun! I enjoyed it so so much. Until some son of a bitch stole my purse. Fuck. I have put it down, I stood and turn around and it was gone. GONE. I'm still piseed of. So, the few things I've learned from this awful experience..
#1 Take just kash with yourself when you go out parting. You don't need cards and stuff like that. 
#2 Apparently checking my purse every 5-10 seconds isn't enough. I was checking it. That's why I am so pissed of. 
#3 People really have no moral left in them. Fucking capitalism.
#4 I was thinking of getting a new camera.. Fucking shitty karma. What I've learned? Be careful what you're wishing for.
#5 Thank God, I have friends that are there for me.
#6 Always go back to the crime scene. Usually there is always something there. And it was. I woke up at 5AM and I went back checking for my purse. I've found it. Ofcourse without phone, camera, wallet and my fucking keys. Why the hell did they need my keys?! Grrrr.

Maybe in a paralel universe I thought I will feel better after writing it down. I was wrong. I am still so pissed of. Damn, I really didn't need this to happen.  

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