May 04, 2012

Dating and Other Dangers by Natalie Anderson Review

Dating and Other Dangers 
by Natalie Anderson
Published on July 1st 2012
Mills and Boon, 266 pages
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Nadia Keenan's first date Dos and Don'ts:

1. Do boost your confidence by looking hot

2. Don't put out until at least date two

3. If the man is trouble (however sexy!) do report all on

After being trashed on Nadia's website, serial dater-and-dumper Ethan Rush is about to put Nadia's rules to the test!

He's determined to change her mind about him.
She's determined to prove him for the cad he is.

Let the battle of the dates begin...

- description

OMG this book was hilarious!! These two characters were amazing. Nadia and Ethan sure know how to rock the scene. 

So Nadia had been hurt by some stupid guy who was a "collector of virginities" and she decided she will never trust these type of guys again. So she funded a website where women will share their experieces with these types of guys and therefore warn the others. The idea is actually pretty good in my opinion ;)

But then we had Ethan. He finds out about being on this site. And he is named on the site as a 3 dates and I am out guy. And he is shocked. He sure isn't that type of guy. Hell no. So he goes to where Nadia works to confront her. She doesn't believe him. But he won't gave in, so he gives her a deal. 3 dates. In which Nadia will figure out if he really is that kind of guy. 

OMG the dates. You need to see this. Really, it's hilarious. First date. Movie night. She picked the most boring 3-hours French movie ever. Like with a painter who paints through the whole 3-hours movie and say very little. LOL. I was dying of laughing so hard. But our man won't gave in. He endure through the whole movie, while she going out of her mind. 

I loved this book, because we get to see the story from both sides. So we know what she thinks and we know what he thinks. And it's pretty funny to see how niether of them understand the other. And both of them are fierce and struggling to teach the other a lesson. The funniest part is seeing them how they fail :D

This book is a funny, light read. I've read it in one afternoon. I couldn't stop reading it, because I wanted to know so badly, what will they do next? So if you're looking for a interesting, hilarious romance, this is the book for you!

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