May 10, 2012

Letter to my Future Self #1

Source: here.
Dear Nea,
In the past couple of days you've learn lots of things. Hopefully. Naaah, just kidding. So, the pinpoints/lessons that you need to remember:
#1 When you're drunk try not to scream and talk about things you don't want others to hear. You NEVER know who is walking behind you (and will probably hear you)!
#2 Make sure your professors know that Barabea isn't your middle name. Situations that can come out of it could be awkward. 
#3 Drinking 3 CubaLibre in a row in Fuego will get you very drunk. Remember that! Next time drink 2 and a half. :P
#4 It's important to do a closure with people from the past! Yeah I know, there is a reason why they didn't make it to your present, but still, make a closure, if you haven't done it in the past.
#5 Post it sticks really are good for studying ;)
#6 Read all the future books of Jennifer L. Armentrout! Because seriously, this woman is totally awesome!
#7 Never, ever apologize for who and what you are.
#8 Try to give yourself more credits. You are worth it.

I will try to keep in mind all these things. Bad habbits die hard. But then again we aren't powerless against them. It takes 6 weeks to the smallest changes in your personality to settle down. Start working on them today. You're braver than you think. Be a Dauntless, face your fears and fight for what you want to become!

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