May 10, 2012

My Book Boyfriend #12: Chase

Boys in books are just better. Right? Well, let's put them to the test. 

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, and it's a weekly meme in which you choose a fictional boy that makes your heart all gooey and write up a post for him. For more information, check out the introduction post. For sign ups and Missie's choice this week click here.

I read Tempting the Best Man a couple of days ago, and let me tell you Oh my God! Jennifer L. Armentrout rocks in the adult sector too;) The romance is good ;)

Her heart stuttered and tumbled over itself as her gaze drifted across high cheekbones she was painfully familiar with, full lips that looked tantalizingly soft but could be firm and unyielding. Dark brown hair fell over his forehead, always a shy away from needing a haircut. A strong nose with a slight bump from a break during his college years gave the otherwise flawless male beauty a hard, dangerously sexy edge.
page 12

And that was the wrong thing to say. Fire of a different kind now pulsed through her. “Get away.” She started to push off the wall, but Chase leaned in, his chest flush with hers. Her body went haywire. Anger. Lust. Hope. Love. Fear. All her emotions tangled together. “Chase…”
He said nothing, and all she could now concentrate on was the feel of his rock-hard chest pressed against her breasts. The thin cotton of his shirt and her blouse were no match for the heat that rolled off him or the heat building inside her. 
His lips parted.
She was panting now, and he hadn’t even really touched her. She tried to disconnect from her out-of-control hormones, going as far as thinking about the DC Metro, and still, her body was turning on her.
His breath hitched and then he scowled at her, even as he pressed his forehead against hers. Her lashes fluttered shut and she grew very still, barely daring to breathe as his breath danced over her brow, down her temple, and across her cheeks.
His lips hovered over hers.
“No,” he snarled.
Madison wasn’t sure to whom he was talking, but then his mouth was crushing hers, and her world became him—the touch and feel of his lips pressing down, forcing hers to respond. It wasn’t a gentle kiss or a sweet exploration. It was angry and raw, breathtaking and soul burning. Right now, she didn’t want gentle. She wanted hard and fast, him and her, on the floor, even the bear rug, both of them naked and sweating.
His tongue was a moist, hot demand inside her mouth, parrying with hers until he took complete control and flicked the tip of his tongue over the roof of her mouth. There was a delicious possessiveness in the way he kissed her, as if he were staking his claim at the same time he was burning away the memories of anyone else for her. And he did. In an instant, there was nobody but him.
One hand came off the wall and his palm splayed flat against her cheek, glided down the arch of her neck. He held her there, so gently and at odds with the fierceness of his kiss. This was how she always wanted Chase, how she always dreamed it would be, and how she had once had such a brief, divine taste. She moaned, melting into him. Between her thighs, she ached for him. Her body—
page 30

“I’m not sure who you’re trying to convince, bud. I think your track record with me speaks for itself.”
One second she was in the middle of the step and the next her back was against the wall and Chase’s body was flush to hers, meeting in all the right places.
“Tell me,” he said, voice low and thick. “Does it seem like I’m not attracted to you?”
Oh, oh yeah, he was definitely attracted to her. The breath went out of her lungs and her mouth felt dry. Every inch of his body pressed against hers. Electricity hummed over her entire body.
“I’m…I’m starting to get the picture,” she said. “It’s a pretty big picture.”
Any other day, Chase might have laughed, but not now. He was furious and there was more, but she wasn’t afraid. Fear and Chase’s name were two things that would never go together.
She tried to swallow, to take a breath, but her eyes met his, and there was nothing but aching intensity in his gaze. And she was drawn in, swept away.
Maybe she really didn’t have a freaking clue.
Chase’s warm hand slid up her bare arm, to the edge of the tiny strap on her tank top. A wave of small bumps followed his touch, and when his fingers edged under that fragile slip of material, her legs would’ve cut out from under her if he hadn’t been pressed so tightly against her body.
He dipped his head, placing his mouth to the space below her ear. He nipped her there, just a tiny bite that sent a wave of heat through her veins. And then his lips moved lower, leaving a hot trail behind. “You drive me insane, absolutely freaking insane. Do you know that? I bet you do.”
Those firm lips of his travelled back up her throat to pause above her own. Her chest rose sharply, and his other hand fell to her hip, fingers digging into the denim as he held her in place.
Their eyes locked.
“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he growled, and then he kissed her deeply, stealing her breath as he pulled back, nipping at her lower lip. “Not because I find you unattractive.” His pelvis thrust against hers as if to drive his point home. “And not because I don’t think you’re good enough. You’re too good, Maddie, too damn good, and that’s the problem.”
Madison didn’t know what he meant by that, and she couldn’t breathe as his thick thigh pushed her legs apart and she gasped as the rough material met her bare, sensitive skin. Finding out why they weren’t supposed to be doing exactly what they were doing took second seat to the ache in her core and the wild rush of feelings she’d harbored for this man for years.
“God,” Chase groaned as his hips pressed forward. “We’re really going to have to do something about the not-wearing-panties thing, Maddie. Seriously.”
page 55

Aww, this guy is so so sweet. During the book I thought they were somehow clumsy. I mean, she was thinking something, he understood the total opposite thing and vice-versa. That made me think if in real life it's really like that. And the answer shocked the hell out of me. Now I get it why when you tell stories to your friends they just look at you stunned, like "seriously? You really do get?" Well, hell.

I pictured Chase as Shiloh Fernandez. He's so freaking hot :P 

What do you think of my book boyfriend this week? :) Let me know about yours in the comments ;)

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