September 19, 2012

Right book for the right mood

I've been thinking.. I read Divergent in December and I've been dying to read Insurgent. I couldn't wait for May to come so I could hold Insurgent in my hands and sob and laugh and scream "OMG I've Insurgent in my hands!" - like I did when I hold The Fault In Our Stars. It was quite hilarious. You can laugh about it here.

But lets back to the point. I got Insurgent in May and it was sitting on my shelf till last week. Sad I know. Also, I was really excited about Under the Never Sky and Article 5 and all other dystopian novels, but I haven't got around them, till now.

What I want to say is.. I think I need to be in the right mood to read a Dystopian book. Romance I can read the whole time. Paranormal and Contemporary I can read too, most of the time. But Dystopian I just can't. I kind of need to prepare myself for all the destruction I will face while reading the book. 

In the last couple of months I've been under a lot of stress. Two jobs, University, the Thesis to write down.. and last week I saw Insurgent on my shelf and I was like "YES! I'm in the perfect mood for Dystopian!" I've picked it up. 

I finished it in two days. It was amazing. And I felt a lot better after reading it. I think it's the effect of - you know - when your world is falling down and you don't know what to do and how to stop it, it's perfect to have a book with characters which are faced with a lot more destruction and problems and death and they still fight no matter what. They make you want to do more, to do better and to fight back. And I love it. 

So, I'm absolutely positive that this month it's a Dystopian month for me. I'm gonna read all the Dystopian books that I haven't come around yet to read. And really, I feel less stressed about life. I feel good.

SO, I wanted to ask you.. Do you have any awesome, amazing, great Dystopian book to recommend me? I've read the Hunger Games, Divergent, Article 5 and now I'm reading Under the Never Sky. I need some strong female characters who will make me want to fight more :)

And also, do you also pick books based on your mood? For the sake of your soul? I would love to know :)

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