September 08, 2012

The Space Between Us by Megan Hart Review

The Space Between Us
by Megan Hart
Published on September 4th 2012
Harlequin, 384 pages
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Tesla Martin is drifting pleasantly through life, slinging lattes at Morningstar Mocha, enjoying the ebb and flow of caffeine-starved customers, devoted to her cadre of regulars. But none of the bottomless-cup crowd compares with Meredith, a charismatic force of nature who can coax intimate tales from even the shyest of Morningstar's clientele.

Caught in Meredith's sensual, irresistible orbit, inexpressibly flattered by the siren's attention, Tesla shares long-buried chapters of her life, holding nothing back. Nothing Meredith proposes seems impossible—not even Tesla sleeping with Meredith's husband, Charlie, while she looks on. After all, it's all in fun, isn't it?

In a heartbeat, vulnerable Tesla is swept into a spectacular love triangle. Together, gentle, grounded Charlie and sparkling, maddening Meredith are everything Tesla has ever needed, wanted, or dreamed of, even if no one else on earth understands. They're three against the world.

But soon one of the vertices begins pulling away until only two points remain—and the space between them gapes with confusion, with grief and with possibility….

- description

When I saw this title on NetGalley I was totally into it! I loved the title, I loved the cover and I loved the promise of good romance and great hot scenes. 

What I haven't anticipated was a story of a girl, Tesla, who will get herself in a quite interesting situation. My feelings toward different kind of sexual stuff are cool. I don't judge and definitely I find a lot of things interesting. But, a married couple decides to have a girlfriend? Holy cow. Never thought about it. Because really, as an almost psychologist, I've thought about feelings and situations and behaviours... and yes, I've seen it coming.

The romance between two is already difficult. Between three is kind of insane. Someone gets hurts in the end. And someone get jealous and the others are hurt. And it's kind of difficult to stop your feelings from growing each day toward a person. Yeah, I've totally seen it coming. Haven't expected that kind of end, though!! It really had surprised me :)

The book was very good, though. I really liked Tesla. We get to know her from her past and from her present and I thought it was really well written. It wasn't annoying or anything. It was great. And she was a simple girl, and not as wild as Meredith has called her to be, so really, it was fairly easy for me to connect with her.

So, if you're searching for an Adult book with a different kind of love story, filled with lots of hot scenes and genuinely nice, vulnerable and honest narrator, then The Space Between Us is definitely a book for you!

And I... I am surging along on this wave of pleasure that's so strong I can't decide if I never want it to end or if I can't stand another second of it.

It was like someone had reached down my throat and torn out every single word I'd ever uttered. I couldn't form a sound to save my life. All I could do was stare.

There's always that moment before you open a gift when the possibilities are endless, when it could be anything and you hope it's just what you wanted - no matter what it is. Especially, sometimes, if it's something you're expecting not to get, but desperately want, anyway. Those few seconds when the paper falls away and before you open the box can last forever, and when you finally get the package open and see someone knew you well enough and cared about you enough to get you just the right thing... it's magic.

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