September 03, 2012

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta Review

Jellicoe Road
by Melina Marchetta
Published on August 26th 2006
HarperCollins, 418 pages
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My father took one hundred and thirty two minutes to die.

I counted.

It happened on the Jellicoe Road. The prettiest road I’d ever seen, where trees made breezy canopies like a tunnel to Shangri-La. We were going to the ocean, hundreds of kilometres away, because I wanted to see the ocean and my father said that it was about time the four of us made that journey. I remember asking, “What’s the difference between a trip and a journey?” and my father said, “Narnie, my love, when we get there, you’ll understand,” and that was the last thing he ever said.
We heard her almost straight away. In the other car, wedged into ours so deep that you couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended. She told us her name was Tate and then she squeezed through the glass and the steel and climbed over her own dead – just to be with Webb and me; to give us her hand so we could clutch it with all our might. And then a kid called Fitz came riding by on a stolen bike and saved our lives. 

Someone asked us later, “Didn’t you wonder why no one came across you sooner?”

Did I wonder?
When you see your parents zipped up in black body bags on the Jellicoe Road like they’re some kind of garbage, don’t you know?

‘Wonder dies.’ description 

Jellicoe Road was an Oh My God read. Now I understand all the blurb about it. I do.

Ok, I must admit at the beginning I didn't understand anything. It was so confusing. I thought it was because I wasn't an English native, but it wasn't the case. The book was just confusing at the beginning, period. So if you're gonna read it, don't give up and keep reading! ;)

Taylor. This girl. OMG she is such an incredible character. At the beginning I thought she was just boring and then I got to meet her more deeply and she became amazingly beautiful in my eyes. And brave. I admire her because she could just turn around and walk away. I could never do that - damn the social norms. 

Jonah. Such a dick in the beginning, but God, I was wrong. He's so sweet and incredible and strong and amazing and oh, everything. Everything that Taylor needed and that was perfect. 

The writing. After reading Jellicoe Road I understand why Melina Marchetta has so many fan around the world. Her writing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Like, really purely amazing. I fell in love with it and I am sure I'm gonna read all her other books too :)

Jellicoe Road is an beautiful book written in a fabulous way :) I highly recommend this book to everyone. No exceptions. This book really is made for anyone, and it's easy to relate to and the story will touch you in way rare books can ;)

But I know sooner or later I will have to get out, that I need to feel the earth beneath my feet, between my toes - the splinters, the bindi-eyes, the burning sensation of hot dirt, the sting of cuts, the twigs, the bites, the heat, the discomfort, the everything. I need desperately to feel it all, so when something wonderful happens, the contrast will be so massive that I will bottle the impact and keep it for the rest of my life.

He's the most beautiful creature I have ever seen and it's not about his face but the life force I can see in him. It's the smile and the pure promise of everything he has to offer. Like he's saying, "Here I am, world; are you ready for so much passion and beauty and goodness and love and every other word that should be in the dictionary under the word life?"

The head nerd of the Cadets is my partner and when it's over he asks me for my number. I'm very flattered and he looks a bit crestfallen when I say no. "It's because they don't have coverage out her," Griggs tells him. "No," I say, looking up at Griggs. "It's actually because my heart belongs to someone else." And if I could bottle the look on his face, I'd keep it by my bedside for the rest of my life.

I stand up and walk toward her because my days of wanting more are over. If I want more, I need to go and get it, demand it, take hold of it with all my might, and do the best I can with it.

PS. Thank you Nina for this amazing On the Jellicoe Readalong! :) I had an incredible time reading this amazing book, so really, thank you :)
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