April 24, 2012

Funny moments in life

I'm pretty sure my friend isn't checking this.. and since his birthday is tomorrow, doesn't really count. So, I and my friend Božo decided to buy our friend a book for his birthday. The fact that I read more books, Božo decided I should pick which book to buy for a present. I decided because he is a guy, to buy The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I loved this book! And it's not a girly book, so the decision was made. 

But, I order all my books to my home address. And due to the fact that I wasn't home since the middle of March.. well, we needed the book to come here, where I study. So my mum sent it to me. She sent it on Friday, so I guessed today the book would come. 

And here comes the funny part.

I live in a student hostel, and all the post arrives in the mail office. The main office is surrounded by glass so you can see inside perfectly. I was walking normally to the office. And then I spotted a package and I started running. There were 3 people outside the office and the director of the student hostel inside the office. I reached the door and tried to open it. I was pulling it at the wrong way. People were staring. And when I finally managed to open it I got in and grabbed the package and looked at it, and when I saw my name on it, I hugged the book so hard. A smile, big like the world, spread on my face and I started jumping in the middle of the office. People were still staring. lol. And then I acknowledged all the people and I was like "huh". And then the director asked me "what's inside?" and I was like "A book" with a smile on my face that people would think I won on the lottery. Ah. And then I said thank you and went outside. The people outside the office were looking at me. So I looked at them and that awkward moment was there. I said, "Well, have a good day." And they burst out laughing like crazy. I managed a smile and fled. 

It was fun. And nonetheless it's actually a present for my friend, I needed to make a picture with this amazing book <3 (read: lots of pictures :P)

Should be a little embarrassing really, but actually, it's not :P We are all a bit bookish, right? :) I mean, look at this genuine smile :D

Ah, I love this book so so much. If you haven't read it yet, I seriously dare you to do it soon. This book is beautiful. You can read my review here.

Ok, it was nice to share my awkward/embarrassing moment with you! Now, I'm gonna go :P

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