April 21, 2012

April's Read-a-thon is here!!

OMG, I almost forgot about it! I knew it would be around April, but hell, I didn't know it was today!! Thank God, Twitter exsist! ;)

So, I've participated in October's Read-a-thon and it was super awesome! I was a cheerleader and it felt great cheering for all the people while they were reading :) :) This time I won't be much of a cheerleader, I'm gonna be reading :)

So what is my goal? Hmm..

Intelligent Life by Neil Arksey
Embrace by Jessica Shirvington
Paranormacly by Kiersten White

I'm not that fast of a reader, so I guess I won't finish all these three books, but hell, we need to have a goal, right?

Awww, this is going to be so so awesome!! 

Are you pariticapating in the Read-a-thon? If you don't, you should try, it's an amazing experience ;)

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