October 05, 2011

week number thirteen

On Friday I came back to London at 8am. I've been sleeping for, um, like 3 hours. It was bad. But I wasn't sleepy at all. So when I came back home I sat in the kitchen and I've been reading Passion. And I finished it :) Nice ending but it's still not the end :P. In the afternoon  I prepered myself to go out. I needed to go in the pub I was working at to return the keys. Apparently I was so stunningly beautiful that ma ex colleagues hadn't recognize me. Awesome lol. It was so funny. I said bye bye and went away. Thank God Enis wasn't there. Maybe I would have sent him ti hell. Probably. Then I went out. I went to Captian Cabin and there was noone of the Britbound there. Huh?! I was waiting and waiting. What the hell!? Then after half an hour they came. The meeting was running late and that was why they were late. And I've tought they forgot about me. Ahh. They didn't :). And we went to Tiger Tiger yeeey. 
I love that place!! It was so funny. I've been drinking with Scott on the bar, Erin was working. Tom and Chris came. Daniel didn't come :( - ok, he was working, but still!! And niether did Tess :(. But we had fun anyway :) It was awesome :) I was dancing a lot. I also meet a guy - Steven. A nice English guy. Too bad I'm heading back home :P.  For my leaving party Erin gave me the best gift ever. I was so surprise I wanted to start crying. I was so happy and sad at the same time. God, I will miss this people. All of them. Erin, Scott, Tess, Daniel, Chris, Tom, Lauren, ahh all of them. They made all my Fridays the best parties EVER. They made MY London. Thank you! xoxo
Erin giving me the bracelets.
Glowing in the dark. Erin* I will love you forever!!
On Saturday we went together with my roommates out in the park to have a picnic in Hyde Park. Before we went in the shop to buy beers, wine, ice cream, sweets, chips. The park was full of people. I was such a nice day. The sun was shining and it was pretty hot. We were drinking, eating, dancing, chatting. It was great. In the evening we went out clubbing. Me, Olly, Emanuela and Boran - it was so fun. We went to The Verve and it was great. The music was amazing and God, it was hot like in an oven. OMG I was melting. Seriously. But it was great!! Then we went home and Olly have bought some Ciders and we headed to the kitchen and had an after party :D We've been drinking Ciders and we've been chatting a lot. After hours and hours we went to sleep :) It was so nice.
After party in the kitchen.
On Sunday I think we all woke up with a hangover. I cooked a soup with cheese. Then went to bad again. I was so so tired. In the afternoon we went to Alexander Palace to have a picnic in the sun again. Me, Emanuela, Olly, Valerio and Boran. It was nice and the weather was still great :). And the view was AMAZING. So so waaw. I was actually surprised I've never been there before. Then we went eating in a pub. Chips in London is so awesome. I love it!! I will miss that :/

On Monday I've been reading Hush, hush - it is AMAZING. This book caught me with the first page. So so great! In the afternoon I week to Green Park to meet Tina. We had a coffe in the park and we've been enjoying the sun. Around 6pm I've meet with Erin and we went in the shop to buy a Cider and then went in Green Park and we were chatting about everything :P Then we went to Victoria to take a train to Bromly - South East London. We went to her home and we ate chinese food :D I love noodles!! Then Scott came and we went together in a local pub where they had karaoke :D I actually wasn't singing :P Erin didn't want to. It was fun :) Then we went back to Erin's place and we actually slept all three together on a bed for two. Lol. It was funny.

On Tuesday Scott woke up really early, like at 6am and left for work. Me and Erin slept for a bit more and then we to take the train because Erin needed to go to work. At Victoria we separeted - she went to work and I went to Green Park. Then I headed to see the last time the Buckingham Palace. 
Then I went to Big Ben. Ohh my Big Ben, I will miss you so much!! I've been sitting there for hours. Then I went to South Bank and watched the London Eye. 
Then I headed to Waterloo and then pass Waterloo Bridge. I love that bridge. The view is amazing!! 
I went to Trafalgar Square. I've been sitting on the top of the stairs under the obelisk. It was so beautiful. I've been sitting there for hours as well. Trafalgar Square is such an amazing place. Is so so big. And the two symmetrical fountains.. Waaw. I love it!

Then I went to Leicester Square and then to Piccadilly Circus. Ohh Piccadilly.. It will be my favourite place in London for forever. God, I will miss it so much!! And when I was leaving I tought "I will always come back for you" and I turned around and in that moment there was a publicity saying - If there is a will, there is a way - Yes, I will be back for sure ;) That was a sigh!! 
I went to Oxford Street to go to my bank and say goodbye to Alex - my bank counselor :P He said to inform him when I will come back, so I will come to say hi :) I was meeting Tina in Green Park for a coffe. We've been chatting and laughing and when we needed to say goodbye it was so hard :/ I will miss Tina!! Then I went to Victoria and went directly to Claire's shop and I've bought myself a watch. A really nice one! :) I love it :) Then I decided to go home. I still need to pack. 
And ofcourse insted of packing, we throw a party in the kitchen :D Emanuela brought the Sicilian Vulcano and I guess I'm having another leaving party!! SO SO NICE!! :) I am so happy! And Rory - he actually doesn't drink at all - but he IS drinking now!! :) OMG I will miss them so much! 
Imagination rules the world.
Finally. All together!! Boran, Emanuela, Nea, Oleg, Rory, Valerio.
Every minute is getting  more awkward :D

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