October 23, 2011

Read-A-Thon is here!!

OMG finally the day had come! Read-A-Thon is here :) 

Today was such a crazy day. Seriously. Yesterday we went out to a party. God, I was so so drunk. Ohh my God. My friend got into a fight. We went home to check his nose and when I opened the closet I actually got hit into a hanger. Awful. Totally totally awful. So yeah we woke up this morning - he with a almost broken nose and me with a almost black eye. Yeahh awesome party. Dohh. And Ohh my God, what a hangover!! :/ Not to mention the pain in the eye. :/ I couldn't get to a computer with internet connection and we went home - I came home around 7pm. So i actually started my Read-A-Thon Cheerleading a bit late. But rather later that never :P And belive me.. Cheerleading is exhausting. I've been cheering blogers for two hours now (and a bit less then one hour when I came home) and I am so so tired :P But it was so so fun!! :) I was running on blogs, checking their progress with the reading. :) It's great! There are some mini challanges that I will pick up as well :) I'll post them when I come home :) This is such a great experience!! I totally love it!! People are having such a great time :) And me as well :P 

Ok, it's 3.30am in here. Screw  it! I'm not going to sleep. I am too excited with everything going on to go to sleep. I'll sleep tomorrow ;) I'll do some mini challanges backwards, because I couldn't get to the computer for most of the day. :)

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