October 03, 2011


I woke up on Monday very early. I had the bus at 9am. And ofcourse there was a trouble on the tube I needed to take. Awesome. God, I was in such a hurry. Running. Ahh my lovely London. I got on the station at 8.45am. Which was ok, if we skip the fact that I was suppose to be there at max 8.20am. Whatever. I've caught the bus and that was the most important thing. It was 9am and we headed to Edinburgh. Huh,  just 9 hours and half of jurney. Jeej. My computer was fully recharge. I've been reading a book - Torment (which I finished on half way) and ther Passion. I had actually a great time on the bus - if you skip the fact that I was actually uncomfortable. We arrived on time :) I get out of the bus and went out of the bus station. Down the road I saw a McDonald and I was so thirsty and I wanted a coke. And there it was when I was it. OMG!! My jaw dropped and I couldn't belive what I was seeing. It was so so beautiful. In that moment I knew this city was meant to be my city. Screw the weather I want to live there. The view of the city from down St. Andrew Sqaure is AMAZING. 
This is part of the view. On the left you can see the North Bridge. On the right there are the caterdals and upon the hill there is the Castle. 

I called Arnaud and he came to pick me up. His house was half an hour from the center. Cool. We went by walk. He gestured me all the important stuff so I will be able the next day to find it by myself :). The house was like an old hotel seriously. Kind of funny. And 9 people living there. Awesome. So you can imagine the kitchen in the evening. It was so cool. They were all so friendly and nice. We ate, we chat and drank wine :) Awesome ;)) Imran, one of the roommates, agreed to go around the city next day with me. And so we did meet next day after he finished his college lessons. Before that I went to see the University - which is amazing. Big and great. The campus of colleges is huge. I went tothe recruitment office to collect all the informations about the postgraduate course. Awesome :) I felt happy about it. 
This is the inside of  the University of Edinburgh.

Then I went a bit around the city. It was so hot in Edinburgh - I was actually dressed for winter weather, BIG mistake, but at least I had short T-shirts. We met at the Scott Monument - which I loved from the very first moment. 
We tought to go around the city, but then we decided the sun was so amazing that maybe we should just stay in the park and take the sun for a while. We went to Costa to grab a Caramel latte and then we head to the park. It was so sunny and hot. After 3 months of clouds in London, belive me I couldn't get enough of the sun ;)
After taking the sun for like 2 hours we went around the city. We saw so many amazing buildings, churchs, cementerys, the castle, the princes gardens. Waaw everything was so beautiful.
The Castle of Edinburgh.
The Princes Gardens with the city in the background.

After walking for 3-4 hours we decided to go back home to eat something. Yeah actually we were so into the city that we forgot to eat :P. On the way home we stopped on Royal Mile/High street. Woow. This street is so amazing. Is long and so so beautiful. Like in a fairytale. I loved it <3
High Street.

When we came back home, we were resting for a bit. Then we had a party in the kitchen again :D With most of the roommates and we had a chat, we eated and drank wine. Awesome. They are actually all there for study, so we had such an amazing conversations about, um, everything. It was great. There was this guy, Damon, who had a master in Cambridge and a master in Oxford and he was doing a Phd in Edinburgh - so you can imagine he became my idol. Like seriously omg. We had actually some pretty hardcore conversations lol. After all that wine.. yeah.
The next day me and Imran went to meet Brina and Jure :) We meet on High Street and we went together in the park. On the way we grabed a coffe and went to take the sun. It was hot. It was so nice to see Brina after soooo long. Then I went with Imran to see the Castle. It was huge. We actually didn't get in, but we stick around pretty much and make pictures :P The view was incredible. You could see all Edinburgh. Amazing.
The Castle.

We walked around a bit and then we decided to go home but insted took another way. We went  through the park. It was sunny and so all the people were sitting on the grass in the park. Waaw. I reminded me of LampionĨki :) It was so beautiful. Then ofcourse we got lost, but afterwards we've found the right way home :P In the evening I meet Brina and Jure and we went out in Hard Rock Caffe. We had a cider, a beer. It was nice :)
At midnight we went out and in that moment a guy came around and gave each of us a flyer and said "Have a good evening". Ok. We looked at the flyer. Free entry to a club. And then Brina said "This is a sign" and me "and a very good one. Awesome". I was so so happy. And we went in the club, which was actually like 10 meters from Hard Rock Caffe. So cool. The music was amazing, all the greatest songs ever. I was overexited. ;) We danced. It was so great. And then Brina and Jure left to go home. Ofcourse I stayed :P I wouldn't miss the fun for nothing in the world. And hell, it was fun. I was dancing so much. The Scotish guys, I must say, they are so so easy, I was actually shocked. I didn't know how to say "back off" in a polite way. In the end I just said "back off" lol :P I meet some guys which were funny and nice. The girls were so pretty and all in high heels. And me in my boots. Yeah party hard. Anyway it was great and so hot. It was actually that hot that I was practically melting. Then I decided to go home. Arnaud gave me the key, the whole house was sleeping lol. :)
The next day I went around the city by myself. I went on the other side which I haven't been in the previous days. It was cool. All the streets are so nice. I've found a Shop with books which were so awfully cheap, OMG, I wanted to buy all of them. The worst thing is, I knew I couldn't buy all of them. Then I decided that I don't care for the Ryanair baggage, screw it, and I bought two books. And I was happy. :) I went around the city, the day was hot. I went down the High Street to the other side of the city. Also very nice.
I really like the High Street. It's very long and so so beautiful. I also saw the Queen's Castle - which is woow. Queen style you know :P I stick around the center a little more and then I went home, because I had an agreement with Arnaud that I will make a Slovenian dinner. Yeah. Ofcourse I called my mum lol. Tenstan krompir in meso :). It was actually fun. Arnaud was playing guitar and I was cooking while we were drinking wine :P. He said it was good. ;)
Proof of my cooking! (and the effect of the wine :P)

Then I went to the bus station and started my 9 hours jurney back to London - and again it wasn't comfortable at all.

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