October 23, 2011

First mini-challenge

1)Where are you reading from today? 
Lucija, Slovenia

2)Three random facts about me… 
I am blond, I am a student of psychology, my favourite character ever is Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy) 

3)How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours? 
Huh I read really slow so I guess one will be enough ;)

4)Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)? 
I was cheering a lot in the evening and I am happy I got trough all the blogs of my section :)) yeeeey :) The goal for books... Finish The Iron Knight today! :)

5)If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, any advice for people doing this for the first time?Actually it's my first time at read-a-thon and I simply LOVE IT! :)

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