November 27, 2015

She turned her can'ts into cans, and dreams into plans.

Today was the best day of my life!

Today, 26. 11. 2015, was the day of my graduation! Not only did I make it to Edinburgh University after all the struggles that I faced, kept going between work and exams and lectures and stress and life, I also finished! I did it. 

It was a beautiful day. Sunny, which does not happen often in Scotland. 

My mom and my sister came to Scotland for my graduation too. And I had my friends with me. And I was wearing this amazing royal blue dress ala Blair Waldorf style. Life is so good! Since I got the results at the beginning of the month of November, I just couldn't contain my happiness. I did it. Life is so good. I invested and worked for my education, and I came out as a winner! I did it. Sometimes I still struggled with accepting this, but there was really no struggle left after this day.

I walked up the stage, and in that moment it hit me that I might have been a bit nervous. And, then they called my name and everything was a haze. Really. I swear I didn't even feel the hit with the ancient hat! But the woman in that moment said "Congratulations Nea" and I was all of a sudden back in the moment. Grounded. Woah. And, I said "Thank you" and I meant it. I had another 6 meters to walk, and in the middle of it, I stopped. I turned around to look at my mom, and I suddenly saw all these people. The entire hall full of people. And that was the moment it actually hit me. I did it. I did it. Me. It's mine and no one will ever be able to take this away from me. And, I opened my mouth and what it came out was a loud "Mom, I did it!" I waved (aimed as Kate Middleton style, came out as an overly excited wave) and left the stage. It was exhilarating. 

The final speech was really nice. They told us that now we are equipped with knowledge, and we are going to go in the world and make great things. That, we are going to shape the future of society. Future leaders of the world. Wow, in that moment I almost cried. Cause everything I did in life led me to that moment. All the sleepless nights, all the struggling, all the alcohol, all the drama, all the tears, all the sweat, all the blood, the counseling sessions, all the time and money - was fucking worth it. I am so proud of myself. And, maybe for the first time ever, I felt I deserved it. 

Thank you so much to all my friends, and family who supported me on this long journey. And, a big thank you to my blog (for all the emotional outbursts that I had a place to express), and my followers, who followed me and cheered for me on this path. Thank you.

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