November 01, 2015

Højskolen Cronicles #3

Excitement, excitement! Brussels here we come!

The 4-months course includes this amazing Study Trip! And we went to Brussels, and Amsterdam for 9 days! Best Study Trip I have ever been! Here is a recap of Brussels. :)

We started the Brussels trip with, ofcourse, a city tour! We had a great Irish tour guy, and it was quite dynamic. He showed us every corner in Brussels that we needed to know, he told us about the history of the city, and thought us how NOT to get lost. It was a great tour.

Later that day we visited the Chocolate factory at the Planet Chocolat. We were first served a delicious hot chocolate, and then the show began. A very funny chocolate chef showed us the correct way of making proper Belgium Chocolate pralines. He gave us a brief history, and explained the procedure of how to get “from cocoa seed to chocolate”. We also got the chance to taste the cocoa seeds! Overall, the chocolate factory was an amazing experience!

I also had a great time in Brussels cause I had a chance to meet with my best friend Ines! We finally could spend some time together. Which made everything in life easier for a little bit :)

The next day we had some free time to wonder around the city on our own. At 2pm we regrouped, and went to this extraordinary exhibition of Jan Bucqoy. This is a politically engaged man, and a very well known artist. His exhibitions were.. famous people portraits, and underwear. Yes, you are hearing me right, underwear. And there was everyone on display, from Putin to Marilyn Monroe. And the man itself was, well, definitely not your average person you meet on the street. He was funny, entertaining, he also discussed some political issues with us. His museum was really something that needed to be seen – cause once you’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen.

On Monday morning we visited the European Parliament. That was quite an experience! I mean, we always see the European Parliament on the news, and now wow, we were inside! The building is quite huge, and modern. A Danish representative hold a speech for us, and showed us some videos. He also told us about a Danish politician, and what her weekly routine and tasks look like. We were also allowed to see the actual Parliament where they discuss matters! Overall, the European Parliament was a success!

Later on we visited the Danish Culture Institute. We got to see all the projects the Danish institute is involved in, discussed Erasmus student exchange, and lots of other things. The whole thing was kind of inspiring!

On our last day in Brussels, we visited the small city on the north, Bruges. Oh my god, let me tell you this, Bruges is freaking unbelievably amazing! It’s smaller than Brussels, but it makes up in beauty of the buildings what it lacks in dimensions. Bruges is a really magical town, and full of tourists wondering around. Everywhere you turn you see something you like. So, we first visited the traditional Bruges Brewery. We got to see first-hand how they brew traditional Belgium beer. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and funny. At the end of the tour he gave us an advice for life: “there is no beer in heaven, therefore drink as much beer as you can while you are alive!” We got to try the beer the produce, and I must say it was really, really good. After that we had few hour to wonder around Bruges. We visited the small chocolate shops, made pictures around the city centre, and most of all we had the time of our lives. Bruges was the perfect ending to our amazing Brussels trip. 

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