December 27, 2013

Best Book Boyfriends of 2013

Hosted by Rachel from Fiktshun, Lisa from A Life Bound By BooksJessica from Confessions of a BookaholicJaime from Two Chicks on Books and Mindy from Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, the Top 10 of 2013 runs for five consecutive days and highlights some of our favourite reads throughout the year.

Best Book Boyfriends of 2013

Gideon Cross
"Multitasking, I'm sure." I stepped on the gas and prayed as I cut across lanes. "What's a little calming distraction for your girlfriend in the midst of world entertainment domination?" "I'd stop he world from spinning for you."
"Sweet dreams, baby," I whispered, wrapping my arms over his around my middle. His mouth curved against my neck. "My dreams already came true." 

Will Herondale
“And to the devil with it if she is!" said the Consul. "One girl, who is not Nephilim, is not, cannot, be our priority."

"She is my priority!" Will shouted.”

He flinched, but he kept going. "There are some things that are worth fighting for, no matter the outcome, and you are one of them." - Faking it

"Does that bother you?" "If it involves kissing you? Please, use me to prove a point anytime."

Drew Callahan
"What? Are you jealous?" "Fuck, yes, I am!" I roar, unable to stop the words from spilling out. "After everything we've shared, especially after yesterday, xou have the nerve to ask if I'm jealous? Of course, I am. This isn't a game to me, Fable. This is my life. And I want you to be part of it. But if you'd rather fuck around with other guys, then I can't deal with that. I want you and you only. I'm not sharing you with anyone else."

"I don't-" He cut himself off. "You don't what?" He looked up, features rigid. "I was going to say that I don't care. Not when you could die doing this. I don't care." I had no idea what to say to that, and I knew that it took a lot for Aiden to admit that. Hell, it would take a lot for anyone one to admit that. But it was the truth, and sometimes the truth wasn't pretty or ethical or fair. It just was.

“I think I'm losing it—I don't know what's happening, what happened, but I look at you, I look at you, and I love you so much. Not because of anything you've said, or done, or anything at all. I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you.” 


“I wouldn’t have waited this long for you. I would have already showed up at your dorm the minute I decided I wanted you. I wouldn’t leave until I convinced you that you were mine.” 


I squeezed my eyes closed and kissed him with that kind of pressure, begging him to make me forget, to feel anything beyond this bottomless, irreconcilable black hole that had torn open inside of me.


"Especially since it was in pursuit of a quest." "A failed quest," he pointed out. "Still." "I think you have to be more of a believer for these things to work," he said, wiping some ice cream from his face. "How are you supposed to find what you're looking for if you're not convinced it's even out there?"

Ahh, my book boyfriends.. what would I do without you? <3

What's your favourite book boyfriend of 2013? :)

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