November 21, 2012

Recap of the Breaking Dawn part 2 Red Carpet UK World Premiere

HA! I was there!! :D

I woke up a little late, but nonetheless at 2PM I was at the Leicester Square. Wondering around. I met a great security guy who pointed me the way, because seriously I didn't have clue where to go. :P On my way wondering around I met a girl – Josefin – who was actually wondering around just like me. We decided  to wonder around together.

We got stuck in a cue. A.Very.Long.Cue. I've actually started praying »please, please, cut the cue behind us, cut the cue behind us«. And we went in. And at that point Josefin said »Turn around.« I did. Oh.My.Freaking.God. they actually cut the cue behind us!! Thank you!! I was really grateful. I was.

We got a fairly good spot! First row :D And then we waited. And waited some more. We met a group of 3 girls which were really nice :) We spent time together, because seriously, there wasn't anything to do than wait anyway.

Around 5.30PM finally something started happening. Woah. I was so excited! :)

First to come were the guys of UK X-factor. Wish I knew at that time who they were. I didn't. And when Ella came by and was standing right in front of me I didn't know what to say and it was awkward so I said the only thing I could think of »I love your dress« lol. She said thank you :P :P :D Then I saw that Group J – they are really gorgeous – too bad they're only 16 or something. I also saw that rest of the finalists. They seemed pretty cool.
And then there was a hell of a lot people on the red carpet. I was so pissed off. They were just in the way and I couldn't see anything. Ugh. 

And then I saw her. And I started screaming like crazy. I was really out of it. And the dress? Holy woah. She looked incredible <3 Kristen Stewart really looks good in about everything. She's just gorgeous <3

And then someone was coming from the other side of the red carpet and I looked and Oh my freaking god!! It was Jamie Campbell!! OMG I didn't even know he was coming!! And he was coming my way. I felt a bit overwhelmed. Wow. And when he was standing next to me I said »You're going to be a great Jace, Jamie«. And he said thanks and that the trailer was coming out the next day. I didn't even know :P But lets stick to the point. When I read the Mortal Instruments I imagined Jace, well, like a really strong guy. And Jamie? Girls, this guy is so freaking thin! I thought they made him work out or something to gain muscles. Apparently not. Or I don't know.

Then I saw Taylor. Same old, same old.

And Robert was nowhere to be seen. Uh huh. Everytime I thought I saw those hair I started screaming and then everyone was »Where? Where?« And then I just … »Opps. It isn't him :P« It was hilarious. But when I really saw him? I think I screamed even more than I did for Kristen!! I was like »Oh my fucking God, I see Robert freaking Pattinson!!« Yeah, like I said, overwhelming. And incredible!!

Then I saw also that chick that plays the Amazon-vampire – which I forgot her name.

Anyway the red carpet was super incredible and I had an amazing time!! Though I haven't seen the three of them up close (just about 3-4 meters) – I was pretty satisfied. I freaking saw Robert Pattinson!! <3 <3

And another thing? When they left Robert and Kristen were in the same car!! Cheating scandal my ass!! I knew it!! ;)

Ps. I know. The pictures aren't the best pictures ever. My camera sucks. And think of it that is actually new. Well. Hopefully Josefin has some better pictures :P
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