November 27, 2012

Destination: Finding a Place To Live #2

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.
I don't much care where –
Then it doesn't matter which way you go.” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

London, Wapping, Erin's place, 19.11.2012
I woke up at 8AM. Kill me. Jesus, this was so hard. But Erin needed to go to work. So I went. I went to Covent Garden first. And god, I am so awful and dumb in the morning. It took me like 20 minutes to find a stupid Costa caffee. Uh huh. Then I went to Trafalgar Square. I called B and it was so nice to chat a bit with a friend. Then I went to Victoria to buy the ticket to Edinburgh and holy cow, the price got twice bigger. I was in shock. No, no, no. I sent a message to Erin, asking her if I could stay another night. 
And I booked the ticket for Tuesday. :) Then I finally changed the money – and OMG I was so scared walking around with them. I wanted to arrive at the bank as soon as possible. I wanted to cut the way to it, and ofcourse, I got lost. I came out at the nearly end of Oxford Street. Geez. But ok. It was so beautiful with the lights and all. They also made a freaking fake snow!! Amazing, really. When I came to the bank I was so relieved :) I put the money on the account and the problem was solved! Yeey :) I also saw A. We chatted a bit and they I went. God, I was so tired. And it started to rain. Ugh. So I decided to go to Waterstones. I sat in the Young Adult section and I read. I was there for 3 hours. I felt a hell of a lot better when I left. :) Then I went to Erin's place and we watched TV.

London, kitchen, 20.11.2012
I woke up with Erin. And I went to Tower Bridge. I went to Costa to take a coffee because I seriously couldn't wake up. The weather was weird. So I called Emanuela and asked her if I could come to the house, because seriously I didn't know what to do with  myself. She said yes. And I was again in the best kitchen EVER. Drinking tea. I haven't done anything special – just chilling out. Writing the blog. In the evening I went to Victoria station to wait for the bus. At 11PM we took off to Edinburgh. Yeeey. I fell asleep quite fast and it was actually not that annoying to sleep on the bus :P

Edinburgh, 21.11.2012
Morning came too fast. I thought we were in New Castle and that I had more time to sleep, but mother fuckers, it was 8AM and we were in freaking Edinburgh. Fuck yeah. But I was so tired and sleepy. Ugh. I met with Imran for a coffee at the University. After the coffee I felt like a normal person, so it was ok. I still had no plan though. Imran went for classes and I stayed at the Starbucks. I checked the hostels (Thank you very much Ines for the support and for calming me down when I was freaking out – it was actually very easy then) and I've found the cheapest hostel EVER, called The Hostel – imagination rules the world, huh? Then I stayed there some more and then I went in the search for The Hostel. And I got lost. Go figure. I called them and then I took a bus and with the GPS and everything I managed to find The freaking Hostel. The room was pretty nice. I said I would lay down for just half an hour. Uh huh, I woke up at 7.30PM. I went for a walk to see the city. I drunk a smootie and when I arrived on the top of Princes Mall I sat down. And I started freaking out. Geeez. And then I was freaking out some more. And then my phone biped. I checked it and it was Imran asking me if I wanted to have a drink. YES! Thank you destiny ;) I went to the Uni campus and we had a beer and a cider. Holy cow, 2.30 pounds for a Cider?! I died and woke up in heaven!! Yeeey! I wasn't freaking out anymore :P We talked and it was really nice. I felt better about everything then. Yeah, in that moment I knew everything is going to be ok.

Edinburgh, The Hostel, 22.11.2012
I woke up around 10AM and I prepared my stuff and took off to go to Uni. And it was raining. I went to Costa and I called mom. By the time I arrived at Uni my shoes were soaked and my socks were wet like I had took a shower with them on. Ugh. Then I spent an hour searching for the office. Jesus I was so pissed off. And soaked. Finally I've found it in the totally oposite way of the campus. And I finally met Toni!! YEEY. Was about time. She is actually really nice. She gave me a letter of confirmation that I applied at the Uni of Edinburgh. Then I went to the Uni Coffee and got a messagge of Shuna saying if I wanted to see the apartment that evening. I was sure. He said around 5PM. It was 2PM and I had lots of time to kill. I drunk coffee and read Cinder. And my feets were coming back to life slowly. Around 5.30PM I met Shuna at the Library and we went to have a drink. In a nice Scottish pub :D Very Scottish. There were only men and one was playing the guitar and singing. It was cool! And then we went to see the flat. Wasn't that bad – was actually ok – the room was somehow big like my old room at home and the place looked nice. And it's cheap. And then we decided to go out together to this party – James Bond theme party. I was so on for it!! So we decided to meet later. I went to the Hostel and prepared myself. I wore the dress :P And make up :P And shoes :P And I was beautiful. I went for a drink at the other hostel and woah, I drunk Mixed fruits Cider and it was very good. Then I met Shuna and his friend Tony in a pub and then we went to this club. Which was very cool – the drinks, read: Rum and Coke – were only 1.3o pounds!! Awesome, awesome! I don't even know how many of them I drunk. Lots :P It was awesome. And there was this girl that worked there, Hannah, and she was really nice! And I danced! I danced a LOT. I had such a great time. 
And also there were these stickers with all the flags of the world! And you've picked up yours and put it on yourself somewhere and so everyone practically knew where you were from! And they had the Slovenian one!! :) And then I noticed a guy. He was beside the DJ and I really, really liked him! I actually spoke with him outside for a sec and it was around 2.30AM that I decided to take action! I took a flyer and I wrote my FB name on it. And I went to the guy and I gave it to him. He looked at it and he had this puzzled expression on his face, but when got it, he looked at me and said ok. So I went away. And after less than 5 minutes my phone buzzed and I got a friend request on FB. Holy woah!! I was happy. I danced some more and then it was 3AM and the night was over. And the rain was incredible. Fuck. Diluvio universale would be the word. And I had no umbrella. I was so pissed off. And I started running toward The Hostel. It wasn't even that far – about 10 minutes – but hell, I was soaked when I arrived. I went to sleep.

Edinburgh, The Hostel, 23.11.2012
I woke up and went to Uni. I had a coffee and I read Cinder. Imran called me and asked me for a drink, I said ok. He finished at 3PM and we met at the entrance of the pub. He had some issues regarding something and we decided to discuss it with a pint of Cider in our hands. After the second pint I was hungry and I ordered a pizza <3 <3 Finally, I missed pizza like crazy. And that Uni Pub is really cheap – and I love it! After 5 hours of talking and drinking I was exhausted. I felt bad for leaving him, but I was really tired, so I went home. Full party was going on at The Hostel. Woah, ok. I laid down for half an hour and then I went to the Lounge room and it was pretty fun. I even met a guy from Slovenia!! His name is Aleš. And he is cool. He wanted to go out but I was still tired so I said no. I went to sleep.

Edinburgh, The Hostel, 24.11.2012
It was a rainy day and I didn't really feel like doing anything. So I stayed at The Hostel. And reading Cinder. I finished it. And I started reading Tempting the Player and OMG I became so frustrated and I really needed some happy time. So I took it. And I felt so much better after :P :) In the evening Aleš bought some Wisky and we started drinking. It was quite fun! The people at The Hostel are really nice and there is this boy that works there and I'm calling him Pretty-boy and I think he likes it :P I like him. I chatted with everyone and we were having fun. But then I got sloshed and good God, I passed out around 11PM. Ugh. So much for going out :P

Edinburgh, The Hostel, 25.11.2012
I woke up feeling like shit. No hangover, but still feeling like shit. It was Sunday so we took it as a Sunday day. Aleš and I spent the day in the office with Pretty-boy. It was Pretty-boy's birthday. It was fun. Chilling out. Around 6PM we got really hungry and Aleš and I went to the Supermarket to buy some food. We made pasta with pesto and cheddar and it was awesome!! We ate together – me, Aleš and Pretty-boy. It was nice to finally eat something good and cooked and not alone :P But then we got so freaking full that we needed a nap. So we took a nap. Me and the Pretty-boy. It was nice :P 
And then he needed to go to meet some friends for his birthday. We were all in the lounge room feeling like shit and then I decided I wanted a party. And I started motivating people to have a party. And they were first like »nooooo still hangovered« and I was like »sleep when dead!« lol and then I got up and said »I am going to buy alcohol now, who wants some?« hehe and then 4 people gathered around me and off we went to buy beers. Aleš bought a Russian Vodka and OMG it's the best Vodka I've ever had! 
(Aby you would have loved it too ;P) It didn't taste strong like Vodka usually does and you could drink it like juice lol. And we had music and we played pool and we danced and we chatted and it was really cool! I ha dan awesome time! Then around 11.30PM the guy at the reception thrown us out of the lounge room and we gathered in another room and I saw a guy with the computer and I was like »hello, you're going to be the DJ-boy! Can you put on some music?« And he did! And we had music again :) It was really awesome. Until it was about midnight and I passed out again. Geeez, give a break. But whatever. I had fun! :P 

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