August 28, 2012

Jellicoe Road Readalong

Wow!! Nina is hosting this awesome thing! I've been dying to read Jellicoe Road since... well, since I've first heard of it. So I bought a copy. And then I gifted it to my best friend for her birthday. I've got a ebook copy though :P  And YES, finally I have an excuse to pick this book up! :) Thank you Nina! 

It's my first time reading this book and I am so super excited about it! :) Um, I know about this book since months now and I wanted to read it so badly but actually never got around to pick it up. And I know it's good ;) I still haven't read any book of Melina Marchetta and bad me I know damn right I am so stupid of not doing so. But I will get around all of them ;) Promise ;) 

Hmm, what I am expecting from this book? Uh, pure awesomeness? This book has the most amazing quote I've ever heard of. I actually wanted to tattooed it on myself. Then I remembered I hate pain, but still!
So, yes, I am super excited about this! And I know I'm gonna love it ;) 

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