August 11, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon Update Day 7

Hello my beautiful readers :) 
As you probably already know this fantastic event is organized by Jennifer @ Some Like it Paranormal and Jude @ In between :) 

Today, Montana is hosting this awesome challenge - Laughing Out Laud Challenge and you know I am a sucker for quotes, so.. here they are. The most hilarious ones :P

“Okay, God, I thought. Get me out of this and I’ll stop my half-assed church-going ways. You got me past a pack of Strigoi tonight. I mean, trapping that one between the doors really shouldn't have worked, so clearly you're on board. Let me get out of here, and I’ll...I don’t know. Donate Adrian’s money to the poor. Get baptized. Join a convent. Well, no. Not that last one.”  [Richelle Mead, Blood Promise]
“I had a standing arrangement with God: I'd agree to believe in him—barely—so long as he let me sleep in on Sundays.”  [Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy]
“What's your name?" 
"What?" I asked, squinting at the light. 
"Your name." I recognized Dr. Olendzki peering over me. 
"You know my name." 
"I want you to tell me." 
"Rose. Rose Hathaway." 
"Do you know your birthday?" 
"Of course I do. Why are you asking me such stupid things? Did you lose my records?" 
Dr. Olendzki gave an exasperated sigh and walked off, taking the annoying light with her. "I think she's fine," I heard her tell someone.”  [Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss]
“You guessed? You must have been pretty sure, considering you could have killed me."
"I was ninety percent sure."
"I see," Clary said. There must have been something in her voice, because he turned to look at her. Her hand cracked across his face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels. He put his hands on his cheek, more in surprise than pain.
"What the hell was that for?"
"The other ten percent.”  [Cassandra Clare, City of Bones]
“I was gonna be super pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this crap hole.”  [Jennifer L. Armentrout, Half-Blood]
“I'm not leaving, Kitten. You're going to do this."
My mouth opened as did the door behind us. Stomach dropping, I turned to see Mom standing there in all her fuzzy-bunny pajama glory. Oh, for the love of God.”  [Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obisidian]
“I don't think he meant to kiss me," I said finally.
"What? Did he slip and fall on your mouth? Those things are known to happen.”  [Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obsidian]
“I heard the man and woman cry a warning as I frantically racked my brain for some sort of throat-repairing spell, which I was clearly about to need. Of course the only words that I actually managed to yell at the werewolf as he ran at me were, 'BAD DOG!'
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of blue light on my left. Suddenly, the werewolf seemed to smack into an invisible wall just inches in front of me...
"You know," someone said off to my left, "I usually find a blocking spell to be a lot more effective than yelling 'Bad dog,' but maybe that's just me.”  [Rachel Hawkins, Hex Hall]
“Oh, come on, Sophie. Don't you get it? He's L'Occhio di Dio's ultimate weapon. They used him as a spy at Hecate for years, so what makes you think that's stopped now? This is probably just his new assignment, getting close to you so he can use you for information about the Council."
"Actually, I was just going to use her for her body, but that's a good idea, too.”  [Rachel Hawkins, Demonglass]
“Before I forget, here's your homework. Where do you want me to put it?"
She pointed at the trash can. "Right there would be fine.”  [Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush Hush]

Wooow, that was so super fun!! :) I LOVE this kind of challenges :) :) 

Reading Update:
Read and finished Fifty Shades Freed - about 250 pages
Read 49% - about 250 pages of Taking Shots by Toni Aleo
Read about 300 pages of A Discovery of Witches
Started reading Losing Lila and I am on 3%

This Read-a-Thon is so super awesome and I am having an incredible time :) :)
What about you? What are you currently reading? :)

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