March 01, 2017

One Wild and Precious Life as an EU Trainee: Last Day at the European Commission

I'm cleaning up my desk here, in my office at the European Commission, and I find this note from the very first week when I wrote down the tasks of that week and it's written "Stay strong, I'm waiting for you at the finish line". Who the fuck would have ever thought it was going to be so damn hard to let go?!

My traineeship is coming to an end and I can't seem to stop it. It's 4.30 and I don't have much time left, I don't have time, I. Don't. Have. Time.
I'm panicking, I am aware, yes. 

In these past week weeks I've been thinking "Who am I if I am not at the Commission?" It's not ridiculous, so don't laugh. I really identified with this lifestyle and I really rode this high wave like it was the ride of my life. And, it was. 

This traineeship is the best thing that happened to me. The best decision I've ever made. Screw that, all the decision that I ever made in life that led me to this moment were fucking great decisions.

I would do it all over again for the chance of doing the EC traineeship. With the same people ofcourse. I have met really incredible and wonderful people and I will cherish that for the rest of my life. I have finally had a feeling my degree and all that stress was worth it. Everything was worth it. So you might see how I am having troubles accepting that it's over. Once I leave my office tonight it's done. Done. And I am gone. 

I decided to stay in Brussels for a little longer. 

Hard times lie ahead. It's gonna be hard coming down from the high of 5 months of awesomeness. I am gonna miss everyone. My work, my routine, my social life, lunches, everything

Let's hope luck is on my side. 

Thank you European Commission. This was the best experience ever. I could not have dreamed of a better 5 months, and let me tell you I am a big dreamer. It was the best.

With all the love and hopes for the future!

I will be back for you. It's a promise.

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