January 23, 2017

One Wild and Precious Life as an EU Trainee: EU Trainees Care Together

Solidarity does not end in December. 

To start the new year with more compassion, especially considering the events that took place the past year in Brussels, the Solidarity Subcommittee and the Parties Subcommittee decided to organise the "EU Trainees Care Together" solidarity party. 

We wanted to show that we, EU Trainees, care. And we should pay forward. Help people who are less fortunate than us. 

All the profit of the party was going to be donated to the project 'Há ir e voltar' - to be more specific toward building a school for little girls in Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya. We are helping build a school for girls so they can get an education!

Education is important, and should be accessible to everyone. 

To me, education is the fundamental right that everyone should have. In Slovenia, they wanted to implement university fees in April 2006, and the high school students and university students sided together and organised a protest called "Black Wednesday" which involved many many students from all over the country (about 10.000 students). We were there. And we succeeded. Up to this day, we can still all attend university for free. And I am always grateful for that day that we managed such a big project and it worked. The slogan of the protest was "Education is not a privilege, education is a right".

And I still agree with the above statement. That's why I believe this idea to organise a solidarity party and donate the money to the project of building a school for girls in Kenya was a brilliant idea. I am grateful and honoured that I have contributed to making it happen.

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