January 04, 2017

One Wild and Precious Life as an EU Trainee: I'm the Badass Party Coordinator

November Rain party 18/11/2016

In addition to my work at the European Commission, I am also the Coordinator of The Euroball and Parties Subcommittee.

Who would have ever thought?

When we were signing up for coordinator positions, I went to the meeting just to see what the trainees were up to, I swear. And then this position was free, and I looked at the trainees and I was like "Guys, this is a really cool position, is there anyone who wants to do it?"

And I was met with silence. O_o that was my expression, literally. I kept going "Come on guys, this is a great thing! It's fun!" Noone raised their hand. I literally thought about it for like a second, and then said "You know what? I am gonna do it." Everyone in room that knew me started cheering. And I was like, oh well, this is gonna be interesting. 

And that's how I became the Coordinator of The Euroball and Parties Subcommittee.

When I was walking home I kept thinking between the lines of "What the fuck have you gotten yourself into?!" and "OMG this was the best idea I've ever had". Oh well. Along the way I learnt (the good and the bad way). And met incredible people. To which I am the most grateful. It's unbelievable how trust is essential in these things. I would have never thought. But then again, I am the kind of person "if we have a deal, we have a deal".

The first party that I organised was November Rain and it was a bloody success. There were 250 people attending. The theme was 80'/90's. I remember I was walking around the party greeting people and thinking "Holy shit, I did this. This is my party, and it's the best party ever". And I've been to many parties in my life, and let me tell you this party was absolute awesomeness. I was so happy. I was so proud. I felt like I did something really good for the trainees. Everyone was having a blast. 

The second party I organised was Red Love Christmas Party. It was close to the Christmas holidays. The dress code was red red red. Loved it! There were about 150 people attending. The slogan of the party was All I want for Christmas is EU. It was a success too. 

You know what? I love organising parties. It's exhilarating, and the preparation, and little drama, and excitement - it all makes it fucking awesome. 

I feel like I really developed many skills. And met so many great people that I know I can rely on. And many people that I definitely know not to rely on. 

You know, you'd think that at the EU Commission people would be more fair. Yeah, before you give the fair speech, let me explain. I think here in Brussels I finally understood why Slovenian politicians do the things they do when they get elected (Okay, also true that they have some predispositions beforehand, but still). I would have never believed that Trainees like me would behave in a certain way. 

Okay, so we have a Traineeship Committee, which is constitute of 5 people that got elected at the beginning of the traineeship. And to be honest with you, it's not like they have any real power, more like a lot of additional work. But man.. what I experienced with these people is freaking unbelievable. 

I'm a pretty laid back, chilled person. I don't obsess over little details and I have a strong faith that things will be okay in the end. And they usually are. 

Not in their case, though. So much stress for nothing. So much criticising for little or unimportant things. They'd be like "Oh, it was a great party great job, BUT *insert here a 10-item list of things they thought could have been done differently/better*. Which after the first party was completely shocking to me, as I was there and I spoke to people and everyone was happy. With the music, with the place, with the prices. But no, they have to criticise things just because. Just because they could, I guess. 

I'll be honest here, at the middle of it I actually considered quitting this Subcommittee. The perks were getting outnumbered by the odds. It's seemed like there was only stress and having to answer the committee people, to be criticised a bit more, when they did almost nothing to contribute. Which is sad, cause as I said I love organising parties. But dealing with these people is a completely another planet. 

Which leads me to the second part.. I hate people taking credit for the things they haven't done. Which the Committee did on many occasions. Actually, all occasions. It was either "them" organising and inviting people to the event, or putting their name first and then putting my Subcommittee on the second place. Which. What. The. Fuck. ?! 

Or deciding who is gonna be on the guest list - cause they were so there to know who actually contributed to the organisation of the party. Mah. I don't like anal people. What I also don't like are people who get voted on something and then they start thinking they are Gods and start treating their equals as the last piece of shit out there. Bloody egotrip. I mean, the behaviour of some of the people on the Committee was downright bullying. And rude. And patronising.

With all due respect, I don't deal with this type of people. You either talk to me as a normal person, or we are not talking at all. And especially considering how much they actually contributed to the organisation of the parties (I'll give you a little hint here: beside selling the tickets on office hours, they did nothing) you'd think they would be a little more respectful toward people who are trying to make something good and fun for others. Guess not. 

But you know what my father said? 

Concentrate on the people who tell you you did a great job, not on the people who criticise you just so they can feel superior. Which is what I did. Sometimes it's easier than others, I'll say. 

But the important thing is this: I am still here and I am still trying. 

Which in the end of the day, is all we can do. 

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