October 29, 2016

One Wild and Precious Life as an EU Trainee: International AfterWork

International AfterWork @ Mezzo Bar

As a EU Trainee you become fairly acquaint with the Brussels party scene. One of these party scenes is International AfterWork at Mezzo bar. 

It's held every Wednesday evening. And it's awesome! Every week there is a theme such as Italian night, Greek night, Romanian night, Russian night.. All international people are very welcome. 

People are encouraged to go to other people. So if you are coming alone, do not worry, you won't be alone for long. There is always an international person you can start talking to and discuss life, travels and general life in Brussels. 

To me Wednesday is one of the best days in the week. Plus, it's super good cause it's in the city centre. As a EU trainee I am usually hanging out in the Schuman area, and International AfterWork gives me an excuse to make a trip to the city centre. :) It feels nice to get out of the EU bubble for a night and talk about non EU related stuff. 

There is the usual crowd, and then there are the newcomers. Which makes the Wednesday night predictable and unpredictable at the same time. Which is good! It keeps the anticipation alive!

Oh, forgot to mention the best part! There is happy hour that lasts for 4 hours (6pm-10pm)! :) And the beer is  very cheap too! :) 

I have met really good people, and I developed great friendships at the International AfterWork. 

So, if you are a trainee, or you work in Brussels, or you are just visiting, I would highly advise you to come to the International AfterWork. It's always crowded, there is always good music, and I bet you can always find a particularly entertaining company! And ofcourse, networking!

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