October 11, 2016

One Wild and Precious Life as an EU Trainee: Let the Adventure Begin!

EU Trainees October 2016

It hit me all at once when we were driving through France that I can finally take a deep breath. And I am free. I am free. 

When we were nearing Brussels I saw from the window of the bus this huge rainbow. We literally went beneath it. And I thought to myself "This is a really good sign".

I'm ready to start over again. Brussels here I come! Let the adventure begin! 

In the first week I have meet SO MANY people. Guys I am not kidding you, so many people. I think of myself as a person who remember all names, but woah, not this time. There were just too many. Everything was very overwhelming. New city, new house, new flatmates, new job, new colleagues, new people, new potential friends to meet. 

Overwhelming or not, though, OMG this place is the best thing ever!

My job is awesome. I really like the tasks that I've been given. And I love my supervisor and the 2 ladies of the team. My girls, I really enjoy working with them. It's dynamic and challenging. I love my job.

For the first time after a long while it seems my education is finally paying off. Thank you Edinburgh University. Thank you Universe. I am the happiest girl on the planet.

Being a Blue Book Trainee at the EU Commission is the best thing that ever happened to me.

There are no words to describe how happy and proud I was the moment I received the EU badge. I felt so badass. All that blood, and sweat, and tears, and hardwork were fucking worth it. It was all worth it. 

All that excitement for the future. 

Bring it on. 

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