November 12, 2016

One Wild and Precious Life as an EU Trainee: Place du Luxemburg aka Plux

Photo credits: Bruno Maes Photography

You can't be a EU Trainee without knowing about the existence Plux. Place du Luxembourg on Thursdays is the best place to be. Trust me here.

Plux is also know as the networking place. It's the place to be on Thursdays. Lots of Parliament and Commission people go there. Important people too, apparently.

Guys. This Place. Thursdays are also one of the favourite days of the week. It's so cool infact. You finish work, pack your stuff and head to Plux. It takes me approx 10 minutes to get there and it's the best.

All the trainees are usually there. We all know that after work on Thursdays Plux is the place to go to. So you get to mingle with other trainees, hear about their DG and their work. It's a great socialising environment. I got to meet most of the trainees there. 

I love Plux.

Maybe it is not really the best 'networking' place out there, as I haven't seen anyone properly networking, but it's a great place nonetheless. Every Thursday is a bit different, but it's absolutely great. Everyone should experience Plux at least once in their lives!

To be honest here, the Traineeship is like a second Erasmus. Only you are not broke. There are so many things happening, so many places to be. So many people to meet. Exchange knowledge. It's amazing. 

I cannot recommend the EU Traineeship enough. It's once in a lifetime possibility, and it's honestly the best decision I've ever made. 
Days are funny. I wake up in the morning to go to work. I'm at work till 6ish, and then there is always something happening. Everyday I come home late in the evening. And then I wake up the next day and go to work again. It might sound exhausting, but I swear it's the best time in life I've ever had. I am so full of energy, the days are long and it feels great. It's dynamic and never ever dull. I guess that the only thing I could have ever asked for.  A life full of adventures with no dull moments. Life is so good.

There are many perks of this Traineeship. Numerous conferences, debates, networking events, but I'd say Plux is one of the best out there.

Ever been to Plux? Come along next Thursday! 

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