April 28, 2016

Rambling or, oh man really?!

I want someone to fight for me. (Is that so unreasonable?) Instead I get a society full of “adult” children who want to screw everyone just for the fun of it and that’s it. Fight for who? People these days don’t fight for anything. Because it’s either you fall at their knees in the first 30 seconds or you are too much effort. Which is like, What. The. Fuck.? So talking to me like I am a normal human being is already too much effort? Really?

When did society decide this “instant gratification” should become a norm, a value to aspire? Fuck, I don’t even understand how people live with it. I couldn't do this. Hell, I ruminate about stupid shit people in that situation have already forgotten. Does this all come down to no more moral values? I have no clue, but I am getting seriously pissed off. Why is that people think is okay to just disappear with no word? Everyone seems so full of themselves, but I am starting to think it’s just egocentrism and no-real-base self-entitlement. Because seriously, if you were so badass you would grow some balls and send the other person to hell, and to hell with it. But no. Damn these stupid unfinished gestalts. Un-fucking-finished-business.

Okay lets get personal. It happened to me in the past month that two guys just disappeared. Just disappeared. And, yes I have facebook so I would know if they died, which they did not.  And back to fighting? I might have not fought with everything I have (because beginnings) but I did send texts. Then I started to think that maybe I am annoying. But wait, really? Men out there, what exactly is running in those little minds of yours? You text me, all is good, nothing wrong is being said, and the pooof – you disappear from the face of the earth. And that leaves me thinking I am annoying because I text after 3 days asking if you’re alive? I don’t think so.

Oh and then I met guys out and they are like “oh, I wish I would find a smart girl. Smart girls are the best.” Please, people like that – just shut up. If you really believe that, cool, but most of you don’t want to meet that smart girl. Research proves it (Park, Young, and Eastwick, 2015). They did a study where they ask the participants if they would hypothetically rather date a very smart woman or an average smart woman, and the results were that man said that they would hypothetically rather date the very smart one. When they faced them with actual smart women vs average women, and they had to have a conversation with them in a speed dating environment, the results were that they would rather date the average smart woman. HA. Hippocrates. That is why I call them out when random dudes start saying shit.

So why do these thing keep happening to me? Am I projecting? Are these my mechanisms of defence in action?  Bad karma? But no, I read a book the other day about Karma and I did nothing to deserve this stupid silent treatment. I always say the truth to the face of the person intended, as ugly as the truth is. It is what it is after all, right?

And then of course, women are weary of man. Who can judge us because of it? It’s a natural consequence of things that have been boiling for the past few years when society decided that traditional values are for losers, and installed these modern values of using people (economic and sexual objectification – treating people as objects) and that buying things will make you happy and make you better than others (conspicuous consumption). Because excuse me, but I would rather be alone than treated like an piece of fancy furniture.

Look. You don’t have to move mountains. Not really. Just, show me you care. I won’t think of you as less manly if you do. I promise I won’t.

Park, L. E., Young, A. F., Eastwick, P. W. (2015). (Psychological) Distance Makes the Hear Grow Fonder. Effects of Psychological Distance and Relative Intelligence on Men’s Attraction to Women. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 1459-1473.
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