April 28, 2016

Discussion: Followers or How You Follow Blogs You Love Without Loosing Track

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During the Read-a-thon this past weekend I figured out that there is something that has been bothering me for a while now.

How to follow blogs, and actually follow them?

1. GFC aka Google Friend Connect
Once upon a life ago, we used GFC following as the main following tool. Which in my opinion was (is) the best following tool out there. You simply clicked follow and pooof – that was it. The blog updates were shown on your dashboard.

2. Bloglovin’
When google decided that GFC will not exist anymore (although I swear I still have it and it works!), Bloglovin’ was introduced. It’s a cool aspect of following, but call me lazy, but I want the blogs that I love at the reach of my hand. Bloglovin’ to me it’s messy, and it requires to click another web page and to check the list. And sometimes I have no idea who is who. To put is simply: I have it, but I almost never use it.

3. Twitter
Twitter is another great thing to follow bloggers you love. But honestly, chances are if I am not on twitter the exact moment you publish your post online, I will never see it. And keep up track with all the bloggers that I follow on Twitter (which are many), by clicking on the profile of each one – it’s exhausting. Plus with different names and Twitter handles, it’s impossible to keep track. I saw that some bloggers created Twitter lists – how exactly do you do that? That would solve some issues.

4. Facebook
Ah, don’t get me started. I have so many friends on Facebook and I like so many pages that chances are my Facebook feed will never show me your post.

5. Google +
Yes, my blogger account automatically posts on Google+ but honestly? I never use Google+. Does anyone, really?

6. RSS feed
I set it up for my blog, but honestly, I have no idea how this RSS thing works.

7. Follow by email
With all due respect, fuck no. I get SO MANY emails as it is, and my email is something I would like to keep as less messy as possible. You’d think that with Gmail sorting emails by primary, social, promotions, and updates it would make things easier. In some aspects it does, on the other hand, I have emails in promotions that keep on piling up. It never ends! So, as much as I would like to follow your blog, through email is not an option.filler002
So, if GFC is still working (cause I can’t be the only one) why don’t you lovely bloggers use it?

It’s easy, fast, and very useful. And it saves so much time and stress, cause I can just click on the dashboard and poof there is your blog entry. Call me lazy, but I can’t be the only one who struggles with this.

What tool of following do you use? What is working well for you? Do you use Twitter lists? Let me know in the comments below!
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