June 04, 2014

An Evening with Cassandra Clare

Oh my God, my dream has just come true!!

GUYS, my FIRST book signing event EVER!! God bless United Kingdom!!

Overwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it. 

I don't even know where to begin. Maybe at the beginning?

The event started at 7pm at the Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, organized by Waterstones. The guests were Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan. Oh my God they were hilarious. Instead of reading a chapter from City of Heavenly Fire, they read the (probably will ever be published) the voice mail messages on Magnus Bane phone after the event in City of Lost Souls. It was the most hilarious thing EVER. Honestly, my favourite one was from Simon. :D Wish I had recorded it. Really.

Then there were questions. 

I got to ask a question!! Excitement, excitement!!

I asked how on earth could a newborn Maureen killed the skilled, old, twisted Camille?
And the answer was.. Camille created Maureen. So there is this thing about vampires being loyal to their Masters. Plus, Maureen has killed a lot of people, therefore she became stronger and stronger. Camille really wasn't expecting it. And we all know how crazy Maureen is.. And this is how it happened. I was satisfied with the answer. Because really, it has been bugging me since May 2012 when I finished City of Lost Souls.

The rest of the questions were more about inspiration and where she got the names from and which character she likes the most. There was also some talk about The Infernal Devices. It was interesting. :) But nothing you, my dear book blogger how follows Cassandra Clare twitter, wouldn't know about it ;) Nonetheless, it was very interesting and exciting! You know, authors really are rockstars to us.

And then there was the book signing. 
Oh my God, I have to say this. I might have totally been a fangirl. Ok, scratch that, I totally was. Looking back at it, it might have been a bit embarrassing, but hell, I meant every word I said. 

You wanna know?
I told her that I was a book blogger and that I post the excitement about her book and that I posted one of the first reviews on City of Heavenly Fire. I told her that she was the best author ever. That her mind is a masterpiece of a mind and that I wish one day I will be like her. And that Clockwork Princess is one of the most beautiful and perfect books ever written. And that City of Heavenly Fire is really close to that. That I loved it!! I loved every second of it.

I was pretty much blushing all over. 

And she asked me about my blog and if I twitted her my review. And I was.. Ok, this was one of the rare occasions in my life that I was actually shy. Like really shy. And she said "You were scared?" And, I admitted it. I was actually shy and scared. 

All of it was overwhelming. And perfect.

And so.. because this was my first signing ever, I decided to stay till the end. Because I could. And at the end when all the people left and there was only Waterstones staff left, I picked up my courage and asked her, if I can ask a last question. 

This is a major spoiler, so if you haven't read City of Heavenly Fire, do not read this.

You know all the talking in the past 2 years, and the saying that one of the major characters was going to die? Ofcourse you do. I know I did. I dreaded every moment of the book, so scared that Jace or Clary were going to die. Or Isabelle, or Alec, or Simon, or Magnus. I was so scared. So, ofcourse when I finished the book, I was like "Huh? None of us really died." So, I asked how come there was this rumour? 

She said that she really didn't want to kill anyone of our favourite gang, and that she wanted a happy ending. I mean Jace already died or he almost died few times, so she couldn't kill him for real, because really. Clary, she didn't really wanted to give a message to people by killing a strong female character. About Alec and Magnus, she didn't want to give a message by killing one of our gay protagonists. Really, she just wanted a happy ending. :)

And to our delight (!!) there is gonna be a wedding by the end of The Dark Artifices. Hint, hint - the one Clary saw in the Demon dimension. OMG OMG!!

In the end she shook my hand. This event was magical and awesome and everything I wanted it to be and more, and like I said, overwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it! I am still overwhelmed!! 

Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan THANK YOU for the amazing evening!

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