March 15, 2013

Avoiding Commitment by K. A. Linde Review

Avoiding Commitment 
Avoiding #1
by K. A. Linde
Published on on July 29th 2012
K. A. Linde, 370 pages
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Jack and Lexi never had a typical relationship. After 2 years without speaking, she receives a phone call that changes everything. He unexpectedly asks her to convince the new girl, Bekah, that he's ready to commit. Jack is calling now after everything they had been through because there is another woman. She can't believe it. Follow Lexi in this heart wrenching drama as she relives her past relationship, or lack thereof, with Jack, and not just in her own mind, but to his fiance-to-be. Throw in Bekah's hot brother who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, a past with more secrets to unravel than you can even imagine, and you get a recipe for disaster. Find out what happens to Lexi as she travels to Atlanta to get the closure she so desperately desires from Jack, and how the bumps of life seem to keep getting in the way.

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OMG, when I first saw this book I was like "Oh, my God! This title is like the total description of me! This book must be completely amazing with a title like that!" That said, this book was indeed completely awesome. I loved it! Wasn't really what I was thinking it would be, but hell, it was so, so much more.

Lexi was an awesome main character! Some may judge her quite a lot, but to me, she was incredible. And I understood her perfectly. And because of that, I couldn't really judge her at all. She was a complex character and she felt like a real person. She had many insecurities and the way she thought about things, well, it made her very believable, and that's something I really enjoyed. 

Jack. Oh, Jack. You made me fall for you, then you twisted me completely. And then you broke my heart. And I still haven't had it in myself to really hate you. Because in a very twisted way.. I understood you too. Must be a psychologist thing. 

And the villain thing? Sweet God, I've never seen it coming. What a shock!! But then again, as a psychologist I should have known. Never underestimate a psychologist. It's just wrong.

Anyway, this book was stunning. It was different from others book that I usually read and that was quite great. And it's a New Adult, so I guess this is a plus point as well ;) So, if you are searching for a good romance book, filled with hopes for love, struggle to make it work, lots of bad things on the way of achieving it, and on top of that lots of steamy hot sexy scenes, Avoiding Commitment is the perfect book for you!

She knew that she had probably given him more chances that anyone else would have bothered with, but those women didn't understand what she was going through. If they weren't willing to push through the hard times and truly savour the good times, then they didn't understand men at all.

What pissed her off the most was that she hadn't truly wanted him to leave. He was part of her now. She had told him not to come back unless he had something better to say, but she was terrified that he never would. No one pushed Jack around. He did what he wanted when he wanted and she just happened to be on the wrong end of things this time around. What if she had pushed him away to the point that he never came back?

“And as angry as I am with what you have put me through, I am so very glad that we are now at this moment. This moment means I can move on to bigger and better things without you constantly weighing on my shoulders. 
I will never again turn a corner in New York terrified that I will run into you and even more terrified that I won't. I can go into any coffee shop I want. I can hope for love again.”

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