February 15, 2012

Top Ten Favourite Love Stories

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is Top 10 Books that broke my heart a little. Well, I decided to boycott it a bit :D So, here is my 
Top 10 Favourite Love Stories 

Rose & Dimitri
So predictable, huh? Well yeah. I totally love their love story. From the beginning to the end. And the beginning was so beautifully written ♥. How much they fight a struggle for their love to survive and last, well, it's priceless and amazing. 

Meghan & Ash
Their story as well, was so so beautifully written. In the first book you can see how they get to know each other. In the second we see how much Meghan is fighting for their love, and Ash is trying so hard to resist, but actually can't because he loves her. If you've read my blog a bit you should probably already know that I love the second book so so much. In the third they are together and they have some issues, but they still fight for their love. And the final book is so so beautiful, when Ash tries the impossible just to be with Meghan. 

Katy & Daemon
They way they fall for each other is so so amazingly written by Jennifer. OMG, the chemistry in this book is amazing. I'm a sucker for sarcasm, so really :P I wish for a guy like Daemon ♥. 

Anna & Etienne
Usually I am really not into relationships that are born from friendship, but this book made me reconsider. I wish I would live a love story like theirs one day ♥. Just once.

Lennie & Joe
The sky is everywhere is so so beautiful. And their love story is like magic. Pure magic ♥.

Callie & Ralston
Nine rules to break when romancing a rake introduced me into historical romance, which I never knew I would fall for so much. And their love story is so so good. She waited for him for 10 years. God, 10 years. And he struggle in every way not to ever fall in love. In the end, well, he kind of didn't know what love was, really. He was there from the first moment, he just didn't know that ♥.

Abby & Travis
Beautiful disaster, oh my, what a love story . So so good. Two completely different persons and they fall so hard for each others. It seems so real.

Hadley & Oliver
The statistical probability of love at first sight is probably one of the best love stories I've ever read . If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it to you ;)

Ashton & Beau
The Vincent boys book was really good. And I so enjoyed reading about Ash and Beau. They were so so cute ♥.

Mia & Adam
Both books were really good. But the love story for me, was so more real in Where she went. Being able to see Adam feelings was incredible . The books were quite sad, but the love story was really great. 

Which love story is your favourite? :)

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