February 26, 2012

Today is the Day That I was Born 23 Years Ago

My dear readers :)

I wanted to thank you all for this amazing half a year together! I was so much fun and I really enjoyed it :) I wish for many many more years of blogging and having fun with you all! You made my year!

I am so so happy that I started blogging because I got the chance to meet so many beautiful people 

Mimi, Sam, Sarah thank you :) You are the best! ;) 

And of course all the others too! :) I could list you all, I could go on and on forever :P The list would be too long, so if you're reading this right now, then you know you are one of these amazing people! :) 

And also thank you to all these amazing authors that made my best moments while reading all those books, which were pure awesomeness 

I love you all! 

Some pics of my celebrating with my family :)

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